Friday, April 14, 2006

Kids rescued, and welcome to a new reader!

We all went to court Wednesday April 12, and using her own words against her, the judge denied Delores Simpson-Taylor of Los Angeles Dept. of Children and Family Services her desire to keep the kids anywhere but where she herself has written is best for them!

The court further ordered that I am to have no contact with the kids.

Here's what's cool: the County Social Worker found this blog and brought its entries and some of my other internet writings into court to show how dangerous I am to young children!

I realize that as in the "Get healed!" "Next month!" story I told earlier, this account needs some background to make more sense.

Delores, this is to extend a warm and completely sincere welcome to you, my new reader. I know you're here like the Pharisees pursuing Jesus or the satraps trying to find fault with Daniel so as "to give me into the power of the governor," as the gospel puts it, trying to strike at the kids and their family by vilifying me, because that's just what you did in court. And your newly expressed interest in my own kids and their ages does not seem born of an upsurge of concern for their welfare!

But you're doing all this to me, who will suffer no harm from it and will even be blessed, instead of to these kids, who cannot endure it and whom the judge delivered from your mouth. To suffer such minor inconvenience for their sakes is a high honor, which I acknowledge is better than I deserve. It was precisely my choice going into this, so it sure wouldn't make sense to complain about it!

In treating me like Jesus and my other great fathers, you honor me far above my station. I fear that such flattery might puff me up and ruin me - Lord save me!

Well, you're here and reading carefully, and that's where I want you for your own sake. David rightly said that he was facing Goliath to cause "all this assembly to know" that the Lord does not save by sword or spear, and "all this assembly" included the Philistines who were there to fight Israel. Did David know then that hundreds of those Philistines would become his most loyal followers, and well acquainted the God of Israel? Did Nebuchadnezzar know that Daniel and his friends, whom he brought into exile, would make the true God known to him as they did? Did the Syrians who captured that little girl from Israel know that Na'aman would get his leprosy healed in consequence? Did Saul, as he pursued the disciples of Jesus, know that he was about to become one?

Who knows - you who came here for your own reasons may take away something else, like all of these. If possible, may it be life above what we could ask or think, as it was for them!


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