Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day: A High Holy Day of Militarism

Once more, the it is the season for sentimental clap-trap about how American soldiers have died for our freedoms,which we would not have if it were not for their "giving their lives" - which in truth they almost always never give but lose unwillingly, and in the course of killing many innocent people to reduce their own risk.

Whenever I hear this nonsense, I ask those proclaiming it just what American soldier's death since 1945 has defended anyone's freedom in this country or anywhere else.  I want to know whether if they hadn't gone and murdered 3 million Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Laos minding their own business in their own country, would the Vietnamese have come over here and stopped any American from exercising his own freedom to do or say anything at all?  Did any American lose any freedom whatever when the Vietnamese finally tossed the invaders out and did away with the American puppet dictatorship on April 30, 1975? 

And how did anyone benefit from the bombers and invaders killing a million people in Iraq and otherwise trashing that country?  Is it really better off now, a third of it under the control of the barbarians of ISIS, than it was under Saddam Hussein?

When I ask these questions, I never get actual answers - probably because there aren't any.  Instead, I get sentimental indignation against the sacrilege of mentioning such truths on their Holy Day.  Now here we come to a huge difference between the religion of Jesus and other kinds, including almost all American "Christianity" - alluded to particularly in 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12: for Jesus, as he also said in John 8:31-32, the only issue is whether we receive the love of the truth.  Nothing else matters.  The Satanic nature of the worship of the American military, with its fatuous claims that American soldiers do a thing for anyone's freedom by getting killed in imperial wars of aggression, is evident not only in the audacious falsehood of these claims, but even more so at the rage against the truth if anyone states it, especially on the Holy Days of this religion.  It's the same rage of religious people documented in the gospels when Jesus would tell the truth, as in his own hometown (Luke 4:16-30).   
But I see no reason why their idea of Memorial Day deserves the slightest respect - mindless sentimental celeb
ration of wars and those who die in them, no matter how foolishly or wickedly, and no matter how ruinous in fact this all is to the American republic. Perhaps James Madison and the other founders were mistaken when they identified war and standing armies as the principal enemies of liberty, so that the blather of modern flag-wavers about the glories of the military are correct instead, but in view of the founders having been fairly smart men, I defend their view without embarrassment.

Certainly it's fitting on Memorial Day or any day to argue for their position, especially when opponents of their political thought have the effrontery to make themselves out to be shining patriots as they subvert the principles of the American republic as explained by the founders.

And as a biblical Christian, I find it right on any day to oppose a religion of human sacrifice descended in a straight line from the sacrifice of children to Molech - the notion that there is something holy and redemptive about burning young men in the fire in stupid wars, thereby supposedly gaining liberty.  This is an obvious counterfeit of the Christian doctrine that our liberty was purchased by the death and resurrection of Jesus, and nothing else.

Finally, all such pagan religion has found virtue in burning children and other humans in the fire in devotion to their gods - the American state being just one more - so it is no worse than I expect in the world. 

But I have a problem with this religion being entertained in churches, mixing it with the gospel, as in past times these churches have mingled the gospel with white supremacy.  This mixture of incompatible religion, worshiping God and demons at the same, gets a great deal of notice in the Bible - and for good reason.  It is a big problem.  It blights the spirituality of all who engage in it, making us reliable instruments of Satan while we profess to know God.  It is no surprise that such religion simply profanes the name of God in the world, being useless for any purpose, and unfortunately, it's just about the only religion that we see these days in American churches.

There is good news in that.  American Chritianity is not useless because there is anything deficient in the gospel, or because the Bible that Jesus and the apostles relied on has failed.  It's useless for exactly the reason the Bible says it is, because it is apostate - utterly surrendered to the demonic doctrines of this world, like the religion of Jeroboam, Ahaz, and of Ahab and Jezebel, having a form of godliness while denying its power.   If that apostasy works out exactly as Jesus, the prophets, and the apostles tell me to expect, I don't have to enjoy it, but I know at least they are not wrong about anything.  Indeed, their testimony about all things is confirmed, and I can believe them with a good conscience.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cat Mercy

It really looked hopeless getting Squeak back.  But the 26th, 8 weeks after he slipped away, our former neighbor caught him for us, where he had been robbing her cat of his lunch.  He still had his collar and his tags.  He had made his way back there, two and a half miles, about a month ago.  The cat we thought was Squeak wasn't Squeak.

No more 2:30 AM trips to lay out food and service the cameras, and much else.  It would have been very difficult for Gayle to have trusted in God to care for her if we had lost Squeak for good.  This was a very big deal.

It turns out the baby is a he, not a she, whom we've named Squirt.  Gayle weaned him, finally, although we give him lots of water from the bottle.  The baby delighted us today by finally pooping, so no trip to the vet for another enema.  Sometimes he walks on me now without using his claws.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Kitten's mommy

I stupidly let Squeak escape March 1 when we moved, and we've been trying to get him back since.  We know where he is, pretty much, and he shows up on camera, but he looks like he will take a deal of catching.

Meanwhile, Gayle wound up with a two-day-old kitten, now a couple of week old, so I've had to become one of her two mommies.  Among other things, new kittens can't pee or poop by themselves.  Mommy has to lick their soft parts to make that happen.  Not my tongue, dear readers, but hot water on my hand and then I have to simulate this maternal action in the morning.  So I get to be thrilled like any mommy when baby pees, and still more when she poops.  I do not receive thanks for this service, only vigorous protest, because, doubtless, I'm not nearly as good at it as mommy was.

She now looks somewhat less like a little rat, and a bit more like a kitten.  Both eyes are now open, and she is starting to prick up her ears.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Update on fight I discussed on Feb 17

This one attracted some comment, so I suppose it deserves an update. 

With a lot of hard work we settled up pretty much in mediation, though technically the mediation failed and we finished up an hour or so after the mediator left.  But we were all done with the real work when she left. 

Administrative Law Judge June Lehrman is an outstanding mediator.

I can't talk about any detail, but I can say that the kid got what he needed, and so did the district.  We didn't either of us get all we wanted.  Sir Mick, as usual in these matters, called it right - "You can't always get what you want."

I like mediation.  You learn a lot about peace-making.  It is an area in which the Office of Administrative Hearings is usually very good. I've only had two bad mediators - both pro-tems - and a couple so-so, but the rest very good to outstanding.  June Lehrman was outstanding.  It was a very tough case for all.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Some say the devil is dead . . .

Some say the devil is dead,
the devil is dead,
the devil is dead.
Some say the devil is dead and buried in Killarney.
More say he rose again,
he rose again,
he rose again.
More say he rose again, and joined the British army.

This little tune was going through my head a couple of day ago as I was leaving a meeting with a famly about a kid who has, in the usual manner, been altogether ripped off.

It's not exacly serious theology!  It's a funny thought, put to a cute tune.  But I did get to thinking.

In fact, as the Irish have known well, the devil has certainly joined the British army, and that's a serious thought.  The devil joins all sorts of armies, pretty much anyone that wants to sign up

Very helpful guy that way.

All we have to do to sign up the devil is to adopt his ways - lying, stealing, killing, and destroying.  Such admiration of these means constitute our true worshsip of Satan.

So the trouble is that we're not just signing the devil up; we're signing up in his army, to be his disciples, no matter what our cause.  The end never justifies the means, because the means always become the ends.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Lust for Power - and Resulting Stupidity

It's commonplace to cite Lord Acton's dictum that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Who can doubt it, as we look around in the world?  But I want to look here at one of my current cases, Rowland Unified School District.

These parents and this school district will never be good friends.  They need a divorce.

Since this arose, they've taken a couple of steps to ensure that we have to defend the family.  The kid is owed 50 minutes a week of speech and language services, so after the IEP meeting the vice principal chose to sit there, and that was fine.  What wasn't fine is that he interfered, chitchatting with the speech and language pathologist (SLP) and keeping the kid from getting the service, which we can prove.

And then they stepped things up, sending an "intern" named Guzman to do the service, supposedly, but actually to ask a lot of nosy questions about the kid's family life and other things which CA Ed Code 51513 forbids them to go into.  It's pretty obvious that Guzman, if that's his name, is a school cop in plain clothes.

So, obviously, the kid can no longer go to school.  It's not safe.

This play for power is pretty stupid, we think, since it requires the parents to keep him out of school and to push back, which we've done so far with a flyer detailing this and other stunts.

Among other things, when we stepped out of the IEP meeting, they promptly yukked it up about how stupid I am, which is fine - I'm better off conceding that point!  But then the SLP began to boast about how she was going to "stalk" me on the internet, and indeed went on to state that she was going to take a couple of kids to "TP" my house.  My house has been toilet-papered before, and was none the worse for wear, so I'm not trembling.  But the proposal was - shall we say? - unprofessional, and for their lawyer to sit there and condone the suggestion was pretty unprofessional too.

Their attorney is quite confident that if we taped these goings on we can't use it because it's forbidden by the Penal Code - 632 is the provision that might apply.  Just as Vladimir Putin is not so far presenting the evidence surely in his possession that MH-17 was in fact shot down by a missile and cannon fire from a Ukrainian Air Force Sukhoi-25, I will sit for now on just what evidence we have for these remarkable things. 

Enough for now to point out that this district's insane conduct is driven by their lust for power and domination over the kid and his parents.  A rational calculation would lead them to settle up and be rid of the whole thing, which will be getting a lot worse for them in several ways, the higher cost of fighting being only one of them.  Only their insane need to dominate and bully the family makes them just keep digging deeper.

It does seem proper here to say that if we did get this information by taping without their knowledge, it is in fact a perfectly lawful tape, fully admissible in any proceeding, because Penal Code 632 and its exclusionary rule do not apply - for two reasons:

1. The CA Ed Code provision states than when we give 24 hour notice of taping, then "notwithstanding Penal Code 632," we can tape.  The "Rule of Surplusage" in statutory interpretation holds that "a statute should not be interpreted in a way that renders a word superfluous."  Accordingly, since Penal Code 632 doesn't apply anyway if it's known that you're taping - there's the recorder on the table, and that's why credit card companies tell you on the phone that they're taping - "notwithstanding Penal Code 632" can't mean anything if it applies only when they know they're on Candid Recorder.  It can only mean that taping the meeting without their knowledge when you've given notice that you're taping the meeting does not bring in 632.  If they actually wanted privacy, they could have left the meeting, as we did.

2. Moreover, even if that were not so, the CA 2nd Court of Appeal ruled in Evens v Superior Court in 1999 that 632, and therefore its exclusionary rule, does not apply if it can be expected that the conversation will leave the room.  The Evens court spoke of a classroom, and the expectation that people will talk about it outside.  How about the IEP meeting while we were out?

Clearly the district people in the room when we were out had no expectation that their conversation would not leave the room.  The SLP was going to talk to the kids about TP-ing my house.  The vice principal was going to talk to his boss and others about why he was going to be spending all that time in the room with the SLP.  The lawyer was going to talk to the special ed director and others about the meeting, to shape their plans accordingly.  Anybody in the room that didn't like the unprofessional conduct that she witnessed might have talked to us or someone else.

It's easy to see how stupid the district people are being here, just as it's easy to see how stupid Samson was, or the disciples of Jesus in the gospels.  But the lesson is that just because we don't see ourselves being that stupid doesn't mean it isn't so.  None of these others saw how stupid they were either, when caught up in it.

We see here what it does to your brain cells to be a control freak - and let's learn it well.  But let's not mock!  "Thank you God that I'm not like other men" never ends well.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sanity and madness - it depends on what we do with "Do to others as you want them to do to you"

Summing up his teaching on prayer - how do you talk to God and expect God to listen - Jesus concluded: "Whatever you want men to do to you, do so to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets."  In this he was restating Rabbi Hillel with approval, when someone asked him to sum it up when standing on one foot: "Whatever you hate, do not to others.  This is the whole Law.  Now, go study."

It's not for nothing that Jesus and Hillel said that this is the law and the prophets. We blow it off, and we're just insane, which is why the American empire and its people are insane. We go by this rule - the punchline of Jesus's teaching on prayer - and everything comes clear.

Simple example. If Russia spent $5 billion to subvert the government of Canada and install an anti-American regime that wanted to join a military alliance with Russia and China, and post nuclear missiles aimed at the US on its territory, and which attacked, say, British Columbia and killed several thousand people while driving several hundred thousand into Washington and Oregon, what would we expect the US to do about that? What is wrong with Russia doing about it anything up to what we would expect the US to do?

Here's another simple example. Even now, the US population today is not short of people walking around with guns and criss-crossed guts. Some of them blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City and killed 168 people, besides other assorted killings over the years. Now let's suppose the People's Liberation Army occupies the United States and installs a Chinese puppet regime in DC - a sectarian regime oriented to minorities that have been shut out in the past, as the US did in Iraq. Let's suppose further that the PLA was routinely killing US civilians, breaking into their homes at 2 AM, raping women, and dragging people off to torture centers, while arming and training black and Latino militias to fight against the resistance of formerly dominant ethnic groups such as white folks, as the US did in Iraq to the formerly dominant Sunnis at the hand of Shi'a militias.

What would happen in the US under such a regime? Would there be shootings, roadside bombs, and suicide bombings - keeping in mind that the very popular movie Independence Day featured a heroic American suicide bomber?

Now if we would think it improper for us to be done this way, what excuse does an American Christian have to think that it's anything but abominable to do it to anyone else? Why should we not expect people to respond as we would?