Friday, May 05, 2017

A response to Christoids that love guns and hate the poor and weak

I recently got into a conversation with some others, including professing Christians who claim that people have a precious right to guns, but that poor people have no right to health care.

First, I'd like to know where the Bible says we have a God-given right to defend ourselves and our homes.

I think it is definitely permitted us, like divorce, to accommodate the hardness of our hearts. Moreover, it might definitely be called for in various instances, as when Samuel put Agag to death, but that's not a fundamental right that applies in all times and places.

It's also true that authorities don't bear the sword for nothing, but to execute wrath against evildoers, so to the extent that we're authorities in our homes, someone breaking in or assailing us has nothing to complain about if something bad happens to him.

Still, the fundamental creed of those who successfully resist antichrist is that those who live by the sword die by it, and those who lead into captivity will be led into captivity.  From this it is evident that the fundamental creed of the beast and his followers is that our life is preserved by killing others, and that our liberty is assured by enslaving others - a creed applied by our favorite empire to many with fidelity for the past 400 years, starting with black slaves and Indians.

Those who are not firmly convinced of this and fail to repudiate this doctrine of antichrist  have no power to overcome the beast, being in agreement with it - that much is clear from Rev 13:10, especially in context. So a minor problem to consider in being enamored of the gun is that you do run the danger of apostasy that especially in Revelation 13 doesn't look like the sort of danger we should take on lightly.

Look, I assume I'm talking to people here that fear God.

As to whether people are entitled to health care, it's obvious to me that it's like fire protection. We're entitled to such things from civilization; that's what civilization is for.

Also, there is the testimony of natural affection - even baboons and wolves carry their weaker members. Even alligators respond to a threat to any baby alligator with a full on attack, whether to protect their own baby or someone else's. The first mentioned of many marks of apostasy in 2 Timothy 3 is "astorgos" - without natural affection - which is evident in those "Christians" who do not even reach the natural affection found in wolves, baboons, and alligators.

Then, too, we see in Daniel 4 that a king's business is to show mercy to the poor, and so that is evidently included in the ministry entrusted to authorities in Romans 13, for which they deserve to be supported by taxes. I think that this also finds support in Psalm 72, which describes quite nicely what the duties of a ruler are.


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