Monday, November 23, 2015

Malcolm X and Christoid niceness

It seemed good to reread Malcolm X's autobiography, and especially Alex Haley's epilogue, and I was right.  This is what someone who has received the love of the truth looks like.  He was always finding out that he was wrong, and changing his mind, and that's what counts.

I am reminded by his life that even when we're wrong, we're still telling the truth if we're wrong for the right reasons.  For some years he mistakenly thought that all white people were devils, but for the right reasons: all the white people he ever ran into supported that proposition.  Later, in Mecca, he learned better, so he began rethinking everything. 

I was in Kenya when Malcolm visited, but unfortunately I never got to meet him.  He talks about one American ambassador that he talked to that told him that in Africa he was conscious of language rather than of race, unlike in the States.  That ambassador was my father.  I remember that at least my mother didn't like Malcolm at all, remarking that he was almost white, as though that somehow made his black nationalism improper.

I've never really gotten over the grief and loss of his death.

A couple of weeks ago, a Christian publisher told me that my book had a couple of problems:

1. I had described the US plantation system as designating some as "house niggers" and others as "field niggers," and I had to make nice by calling them blacks or African-Americans.  I told them that those holding them under the lash were not concerned with politically correct language, just as their descendants today are not concerned with politically correct deeds, when they grant impunity to police officers that assassinate even little kids like Tamir Rice, and that they weren't concerned with describing African-Americans correctly but with euphemizing the system I was describing.

2.  They didn't like me stating that the white phosphorus the Americans dropped on the population melted the flesh off children.  That's just what white phosphorus does, but it's not OK to say so; it's just OK to tolerate it, concealing it with euphemisms if we mention it at all.

Unlike Malcolm X, Christoids aren't interested in truth, as Malcolm was, but niceness.  Jesus was and is interested in truth, in shining light on evil in order to dispel it.  That's why they assassinated Malcolm, why they nailed Jesus to a cross.

It was after I finished rereading Malcolm Sunday morning that I was able to write these truths to the Christian publisher.



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