Sunday, April 12, 2015

Kitten's mommy

I stupidly let Squeak escape March 1 when we moved, and we've been trying to get him back since.  We know where he is, pretty much, and he shows up on camera, but he looks like he will take a deal of catching.

Meanwhile, Gayle wound up with a two-day-old kitten, now a couple of week old, so I've had to become one of her two mommies.  Among other things, new kittens can't pee or poop by themselves.  Mommy has to lick their soft parts to make that happen.  Not my tongue, dear readers, but hot water on my hand and then I have to simulate this maternal action in the morning.  So I get to be thrilled like any mommy when baby pees, and still more when she poops.  I do not receive thanks for this service, only vigorous protest, because, doubtless, I'm not nearly as good at it as mommy was.

She now looks somewhat less like a little rat, and a bit more like a kitten.  Both eyes are now open, and she is starting to prick up her ears.


Blogger Judy said...

I am thrilled for you. What tenderness you get to apply. This type of nursing is common yet sacred, I hope you much success.
Bond away🐈👴

4/14/2015 11:28 AM  

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