Thursday, April 02, 2015

Some say the devil is dead . . .

Some say the devil is dead,
the devil is dead,
the devil is dead.
Some say the devil is dead and buried in Killarney.
More say he rose again,
he rose again,
he rose again.
More say he rose again, and joined the British army.

This little tune was going through my head a couple of day ago as I was leaving a meeting with a famly about a kid who has, in the usual manner, been altogether ripped off.

It's not exacly serious theology!  It's a funny thought, put to a cute tune.  But I did get to thinking.

In fact, as the Irish have known well, the devil has certainly joined the British army, and that's a serious thought.  The devil joins all sorts of armies, pretty much anyone that wants to sign up

Very helpful guy that way.

All we have to do to sign up the devil is to adopt his ways - lying, stealing, killing, and destroying.  Such admiration of these means constitute our true worshsip of Satan.

So the trouble is that we're not just signing the devil up; we're signing up in his army, to be his disciples, no matter what our cause.  The end never justifies the means, because the means always become the ends.


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