Sunday, July 05, 2015

Independence Day

No, not in the States, except that I did notice less bombast this year than last. Always good to see a little less iniquity and madness.

I'm thinking of the Greeks, who in the tradition of NO! to Mussolini's ultimatum on Oct 28, 1940 just said NO! to their European creditors - and to everyone's surprise, by 61-39, no small margin, especially when we consider that the 61 voted from conviction in the face of economic terror, and the 39 reluctantly, feeling the need to settle for a bad deal. 

There is joy indeed in the Hellenic Republic tonight, although it may not last.  They danced in the streets in Belgrade after the March 27, 1941 coup against the alliance with Germany, but there was no more dancing when the Germans bombed Belgrade and invaded Yugoslavia 10 days later.

History rhymes.  Again the Germans want to crush a small Balkan country, this time to shield the German banks from their losses and to make an example of Greece to the Italian, the Portuguese, and the Spanish people - especially to the Podemos Party in Spain. 

It's true that the Germans quickly occupied Yugoslavia in the spring of 1941, but their fun cost them a six week delay in their invasion of the Soviet Union.  In this way the German army met the mud of October and the Russian winter in their summer uniforms, so the resistance of Yugoslavia and the time that Germany took to make an example of it probably made Germany lose the war in Russia.

Will the Germans go through with crushing the Greeks for their defiance, or will they be reasonable this time?  Knowing the proverb, that the dog returns to his vomit and the sow, once washed, to wallowing in the mire, I will be surprised if they wise up, but it's something to pray for.

Stay tuned!  Before we're done, we'll be feeling the unwinding of this on our own hides.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not think that this issue is being presented correctly by either side, I do not think the problem is just that Greece can not pay back its old debts. It is where is the money going to come from to pay its current and up comming obligations. Oodles of Greeks do not work. Many greeks are retired. How are they going to pay their utility bills and food bills if the Greek governemnt can not pay out their retirement money. Many Greeks work for the Government how will they get paid in the future? Austerity has already caused an increase in unemloyment. How will the unemployed survive without a social safety net? Greece is being flooded by immigrants fleeing the chaos of the middle east and Africa.
It appears to me the Greeks became dependent for their life styles how modest they may be on deficit spending, I suspect that such policies were ecouraged in the past by western leaders to insure that the, at that time, powerful Greek communists did not get their hands on power.
Then Greece was allowed in to the Euro zone when it did not make the criteria now doubt for some politcal reason deemed important at the time by the European ruling elite. The Greeks were allowed in to an economic system built on a foundation of dishonesty. It is so obvious that every country in this system is cheating that I do not even need to back that charge up with a single example. Anyone who is so stupid that they can not understand that is beyond hopeless anyways. Sadly, it seems to me anyways, for the Greeks their society was built on the highest level of cheating. If I understand the problem correctly not only was it the highest level of cheating but that in comparison with the other countries of the the Eurozone the problem was getting comparatively worse fast.
So now everyone in the Eurozone and the EU for that matter has a problemm which is really a set of cascading problems. Like Hitler and his staff before them the leaders of the EU chose to create tensions with Russia and pretend to try to tackle problems in the Ukraine when they can not even solve the old problems that they already had.
I should say in their defence, that the leaders of the EU may not be independent actors and actesses. They might be hostages, or see themselves as hostages, to policies dictated an ocean away in the bowels of the Pentagram.
Curt Kastens

7/07/2015 2:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what is going on in Ecuador. I saw a report today in which somwone said that Ecuador is under attack and no one is even paying attention outside of Latin America let alone showign any solidarity. This person did not say anything about the nature of the attck , or problem, however.

7/07/2015 9:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cruelty has many forms.

Today, while I was out for my walk, I saw a small animal on the path in front of me. It did not move as I approached. I thought what the heck is that. It seems to be about the size of a large hedgehog but it legs are to long. It is still did not move.
I stopped in my tracks. A wild animal that is quite small and yet does not run away as a human approaches, hmmm, could this animal have rabies? we stoped 10 meters apart starring at each other. I reached in to my pocket and felt for my trusty battery that I keep to throw at any dog that decides to charge me. I threw it and it landed in front of the animal. It still just stood there. Then after about 5 seconds it walked in to the tall weeds along side the trail. I then walked past the point in which it has disappeared.
Then it hit me. Damn I was lucky. That was a baby wild pig and I was not attacked by its mother. Damn that baby pig sure is unlucky. I was not attacked by its mother because it does not have a mother anymore. It was to weak to run away from me. It is on a desperate quest to somehow relieve its thirst and hunger which will only get worse until it dies no doubt before sunrise tommorrow.

I was shocked that it took me so long to realize that I was looking at a baby pig.
But in my defence the pig was totally out of context. If I had seen it with its mother or even with its twin borthers and sisters I would not have been confused for so long.

So is that the moral to the story that anyone can get confused when they see or expirience something in an unusual context? Why should I even think that any story has a moral in the first place? Is it not true that the moral of any story is only what we PRETEND that it is? A minute after the eccounter I wondered that if I had known that it was a baby pig should I have tried to intervien and capture the listless pig and take it to a local vet to save its life. I decided that it was probably a good thing that I was confused because I was not prepared with the proper materials for handling the pig. I should have at least have had thick gloves with me. Anyways wild pigs are certianly not an endangered spiecies yet. It would not surprise me if they last longer than humans.
Now to the scientific community the idea that there was a message in this tiny event in the forest for me from the General Organization Directorate would be totally ludicrous. That is because the sceintific community is a ludicrous as the religous community. Once I took out my sheets for deencryption I learned that the message was that the pig represented humanity and humanity will soon die just like this pig. The thing is that I as smart enough to know because I was reminded by Josh Hanagarne so that the G.O.D. does not give the same message to everyone.
gotta go

7/08/2015 12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did not spell it out. The other forms of cruelty refered to in my title.
Does that make it bad or better?

7/08/2015 2:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope that any readers that you have enjoy this link.
When a person adopts this outlook any arguments over the age of the earth or the universe become meaningless.
A person with such a view might also wonder if the general and field grade officers act the way that they do because they are really stupid and or evil or if their thinking is being manipulated by outside forces. Why would outside forces do that?
There could be lots of reasons. Two reasons that I can think of as fast as a computer are to test how we react to such complete stupidity or to see if we can figure out how to reprogram such faulty thinking.
The people in positions of power might even be more fake that the rest of humanity. They might just be holigrams with invisible strings which are completely controled by figures outside of the matrix. As holigrams they would have no stense of touch.
Therefore if they were tortured they would not really feel anything at all. They would only pretend to be in pain.
I would still get quite a bit of satisfaction of rounding up a hundred thousand of the people most guilty for perpetuating our empire and for perpetuating sexism, racism and militarism and dressing them up with some really warm clothes giving them a two week supply of food and then putting them on an Antartic iceberg and let them float out to sea and watch them fight over their ever decreasing space above sea level.
Look I do like the golden rule even though I am not a Christian. But as a non Christian I get to add another rule to the rule book. It is called the platinum rule. The Platinum rule is treat others as you see them treating others. I do not see it this rule could be used to put me a an iceberg because I did not support the worlds most needless form of greenhouse gases, the US Dept. of Defence.
ps. down below I have to check the box that I am not a robot. Hey I might really be a robot.

8/03/2015 2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok this is just between me and you. No one else has to know. So do not go talking about this on Facebook. The link posted in the post above has had me thinking a bit about the idea that this whole Universe is a computer simulation.
Well something happened yesterday while I was out for a walk in the nearby wooded area It might not have be anything at all. In fact by current scientific standards it was certianly not anything at all. What happened was a large branch fell from a tree. I did not see it but I heard it. It was close by. I have seen such things happen before of course, once or twice in my life time. No I do not mean tree limbs be torn of in a storm. I mean a large branch falling a calm day.
This is the first time though that I saw or heard it happen when I was not thinking about anything important at all. I do after all spend most of my time thinking about things in which the fate of the world hangs in the balance, such as were to many divisions held in reserve in the Battle of Kursk. At the moment that the tree branch fell though I was only thinking about whether or not I should take a short trip next week and where I should go. I had decided upon a destination and then a moment or two later the branch began to crack.
So if the universe is a simulation and someone or something outside of this simulation wanted to implicitly encourage me to make the trip I think that was a pretty good way to do it. You know psychologists have a word for such deductions. They would say that anyone who would make such a deduction would be suffering from visions of granduer. Psychologists think that anyone who would dare to think that they are imoportant enough for someone to think that someone or something outside of a matrix, which by the way no reasonable person would take seriously, clearly thinks to highly of themselves. Serious scientists would quickly 2nd that statement.
Well I am not saying that the falling tree limb was sending me a message. What I am saying is that after I get back from my trip I will decide if anything important or symbolic enough happened to strenghten (OK confirm) my suspicion that someone, or something outside the matrix was sending me a message.
Yes I know that such an experiment does not and can not fall in to the field of scientific research because we can not decide before I go what could qualify as a significant enough event to strenghten our suspicions. After all a tree branch can certianly fall in the forest with out it having any meaning beyond the tree branch had slowly reached a condition in which it could no longer support its own weight and it fell. Yes if one considers only the obvious events have no meaning outside of their obvious lack of meaning. But if one considers this tree branch in relationship to other factors one might discovre a cosmic conspiracy. It could even be a cosmic conspiracy carried out by complete amatures, relatively speaking. One thing is certian it is highly highly unlikely that where I am going anything significant at all would happen while I am there.
Curt Kastens

8/07/2015 6:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok it is true a scientific experiment must be observable, repeatable and verifiable.
So it would be natural that no one would give a rats ass about my trip. Furthermore ALMOST ALL evidence, photographs, video and audio recordings, documents, signatures, dna, fingerprints, hair samples, and eyewitness testimony can be faked. Even with those few kinds of evidence that are quite difficult to fake interpretations are not obvious.

8/07/2015 8:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I forgot a comma in the above post. Sorry about that.

8/08/2015 7:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I went to Miltenberg today. I stopped in Seligenstadt on my way home. Absolutely nothing observable out of the ordinary occured while I was there.
The most important thing to happen today happened at home. I read an article on yahoo about ghosts appearing on video security cameras. The list of such events is growing.
Such paranormal phenomona would be completely plausible if our exsistence is a simulation. A simulation would also make religous miracles fall in to the realm of possibility.
I do find the probability that our existence is a simulated exsitance somewhat disturbing. The implication is that we exist solely for the benifit of those outside of the simulation. Existing solely for the benifit of those outside of the simulation is certianly preferable though to existing in a cold dead universe in which this planet is the only one in which stupid but self aware life exists. If advanced life in our observable universe were common I think that pigs would have seen signs of it by now. Maybe here and there life reaches a point that it can produce radio waves only to perish shortly there after. So the simulation itself seems to indicate self awareness in a cold dark vacumn.
Religions promise a life after the simulation is over. I do not know if that is an advantage or disadvantage over science. Religions after all do not promise heaven.
Buddhism offers another possibility. Are we all Buddhists who while we were still outside of this simulation pledged to plunge in to the depths of hell to relieve the suffering of the condemned??? To me earth does not seem like hell, only like purgatory. Perhaps this is only training us for the real thing? Do Evangelicals know what purgatory is?
The more we (think we) know the less we (think we) know the faster we discover new clues to interpret.

8/11/2015 3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many people in Europe and North America do not really put any thought in to the question of the meaning of life. It is my unsupported assertion that some psychopathic behavior can be exmplained by psychopaths comming to the conclusion that humanity is an unfortunate accident of nature and therefore the way to make good use of this accident is to live a life in which one seeks to exploit other human beings to the maximum extent possible. It seems to me that such an outlook would be a quite obvious, even almost inevitable, result of concluding that humanity exists because of an unforunate accident of nature.

8/11/2015 3:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now this link that I am posting here is a little off topic. None the less I was so impressed by it I decided that I had to share it with your regular readers. I have of course read many astute op eds by liberal writers over the years, which helped me make the transition from a revolutionary minded libertarian to a revolutionary minded leftist. The subject of the link is one in which I have never seen written aobut though. So this op ed is both astute and unique.

8/12/2015 10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think that I should thank you for allowing me to post frequent comments on YOUR website?
I could thank you but if I did I would not have a clue as to how thankful that I should be since I have no idea as to how many people are reading my comments or who they are, or what they are like.
For example, do black lives matter to the people who read your website?
So even though I really have no idea what the hell that I am doing I still wish to share something with you and your friends.
I suffer psychologically from seeing the USA and most of the world being ruled by people that I consider complete dipsticks. Yet when I compare the suffering that this causes me compared to the suffering that it must cause many African Americans it is not hard to imagine that they have suffered much longer and much more than I have. They have been waiting for 300 years or more for deliverance. I have been only waiting around 30 years. I suppose that since no person can live for 300 years then most African Americans alive today have not been waiting for 300 years. They have been waiting since they were young children though.
I did not even realize that there was a problem with America until I was a young adult. Then it took until 2002 to realize that the problem was more than stupidity.
African Americans on the other hand had this figured out at least since 1980, if not since 1950, if not since 1920.
Now I can not do much more than weight and the weight is killing me. Even if I could do more than that I doubt if I would since the way that I see it is that any activity that is short of a resurrection through insurrection will be a use of time and resources that will be far to little and far to late to make a positive influence in the world. I do not really have any interest in sticking my neck out anymore to help make such a ressurection happen. If the USA is going to be reborn it is up to others to deliver it.
Yet as I sit here waiting I understand that I might have to wait a very long time, or that the pregancy might have miscarried in December of 2013, or that I will be waiting in vain because of a still birth caused by a conception that occured in a highly toxic environment. I just sit here waiting for unambiguous signs from above.

8/14/2015 9:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is possible that none of your readers are under the age of 40. If so this will not be news to anyone. In the early 1980s striking civilain sir traffic controllers were replaced by military air traffic controllers. This should be a lesson for anyone that cares, there are a lot of civilian jobs that can be done by military personnel. But when it comes to the US Congress, the POTUS and the Executive Branch Deparment Secutaries there is no need to replace them with military personel. I can do the job just fine all by myself, and save everyone a lot of money.

8/15/2015 11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today is Sunday. Thomas Paine says that Sunday should not be spent in Church listening to s story that we have heard for 453 times. He says that we should spend Sunday outside marvelling at God's creation. Well time could be made for both but time spent at one is taken away from time spent at the other.
I am not spending today outside though. It is raining and I am painting and ironing instead. Except for breaks like now to eat some Musli and have some fun.
When I go outside in Germany it is not only to wonder at God's creation it is also to wonder at the creations of mankind, For example the brilliance of glass windows. another creation worth mentioning is the window shutter, because or the brillaince of the iron pegs that hold the shutter in place. The colors of the paint that protect the wood and decorate the house. A final example is the door hinge, especiall<y the old ones that that have unusual shapes.
One can not help but observe how many different types of tactics that people use to protect what is inside of their home. There are little threatening signs. There are bars over the windows. Some times there are burglar alarm lghts on the corner of a house. To me these all signal, that there is something valuable here.
My coclusion is that there are two mutally exclusive ways of protecting something.
One is the use of threats or barriers to prevent harmful agents from gaining access to what is valuable. The second is camoflage, or concealment. The first way stands out from the surroundings but works through intimidation. The second way works by being unnoticable.
We live in a world in which that which can be seen can be hit. That which can be hit can be killed. To me that makes the second option supirior in most cases.
Wouldn't it be true that trying to have a little of both ends up getting neither.
I think that Jesus would agree me that being unnoticed is far better than building thick walls and high pointed fences to protect oneself and ones family from unhelathy outside influences.
Curt a non Christian simulation observer.

8/16/2015 7:25 AM  

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