Saturday, April 07, 2007

Attwood, lawyer

Well, this isn't as funny as my movie career.

One of my sons was certified as imminently suicidal, which he wasn't, because he was depressed and on homeschooling by the district, and he still wasn't doing his schoolwork, so they wanted him drugged. They didn't like his refusal and mine to go there. They got San Bernardino County DCFS to check him out, and DCFS found nothing there and closed the case. Eventually, they pretended on March 27th to be doing a psychological evaluation but really had decided ahead of time to certify him as imminently suicidal - whatever the case may be, which he wasn't - so that they could slam him into a mental hospital for three days as a 5150, even though he had not been suicidal since back in February due to being unable to handle school pressure. From this experience we were to learn our place and be subdued to their will, ours and that of his psychologist be damned, whom they never consulted.

Since we are still negotiating my claim for injuries with the district, and how to work out all of that, and will in due time be speaking with the hospital and attending psychiatrist about malpractice and false imprisonment, this is not the moment to say a great deal more in this place. I have learned that the district office is not happy with the actions of their servants, and they are working with us so that we can devise a plan that will work for my son. I don't think we'll have to come to blows with the district in a courtroom.

But I have been a very busy boy, definitely playing lawyer, and that explains my long absence. I will write further about lessons learned later on, but for some of that we'll have to wait until everything is settled.

We did receive notice on the 27th, the day they dragged my son away, that the Administrative Law Judge ruled in our favor in the case in which I was Authorized Representative on the 14th. Los Angeles County DCFS will have to cough up the money they did my friends out of by intentionally delaying the house inspection to cause them to lose their Yoakum money.


Blogger Marty said...

Golly Peter. This stinks to high heaven. You all are in my prayers.

4/09/2007 9:29 AM  

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