Saturday, December 15, 2007

More school news

Fedex left an overnight letter this morning addressed to me and Superintent Edmond T. Heatley notifying him and CVUSD of the compliance investigation, Case # S-0487-07/08, concerning CVUSD's refusal to turn over student records within 5 days. It's been a while since April 1, when I first asked for the 5150 notes finally produced 15 days ago, and we're still waiting for the stuff I specifically demanded on the 7th, as well as much else that my lawyer has been demanding throughout November.

Since these records will reveal the full nature of the plan directed by the Superintendent on the legal advice of David Serrano, the CVUSD Director of Risk Management at the time, to traumatize Stephen with a 5150 hold instead of offering him an assessment for educational disabilities, it's easy to see why they are most reluctant to obey the law and hand them over. But they will have to hand them over. I know even less about criminal law than civil law, but who knows whether the DA might not rake up criminal charges from this evidence related to endangering the welfare of a child and such like?

Maybe this is why David Serrano was the Director of Risk Management, but left us about a week ago.

I don't know whether he jumped or was pushed, but if he jumped, did he leave to take advantage of my promise to him in April that if any of the perpetrators leaves CVUSD's employment before I sue them, I will pursue no charges against them? Little did I know at the time that I was offering him personally a get-out-of-legal-liability card.

I wonder if he let his fellow conspirators know, including the Superintendent, before he left. Anyway, CVUSD still has the email, which as I said creates a promissory estoppel preventing me from suing any rat that jumps ship before the suit is filed. I wonder if any others will take up the offer, which I'm renewing here more publicly. It would make it a lot easier for us and CVUSD to conduct the IEP meeting and develop an Individual Educational Program if they weren't around.

When the Superintendent can be shown in the IEP meeting to have intentionally traumatized a kid, it's hard to develop an IEP in which the district can participate without involving personnel that are a danger to the kid!


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