Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Passover (pesach)

Gayle bought some charoseth in Whole Foods when she was in Illinois, and it was good, so she thought she should make some. We spoke of it, how it is made for the Passover meal to remind us of the mortar used to put the bricks together in Egyptian bondage - deriving from the Hebrew for clay - cheres. Let the goyim know that the "ch" in these is like in Bach, not like in chicken!

Our regular Sunday night Bible study was Passover, so as long as we were going to make charoseth, we needed the rest too. So we made everything for the Passover meal - the matzo, the bone, the bitter herbs, eggs, and salt water, and I'm probably forgetting something.

We went over the first Passover, in Exodus 12, and the last one in the Bible, in Matthew 26. We all learned and were helped, and we had a couple of guests not usually there, which made it even better. It was doubtless not done exactly according to the ordinance, but the word of God was heard and taken to heart, which is the true food - and that is certainly ordained.


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