Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Log-in-eye 101 for one more American mad bomber

As Jesus said, if you remove the log in your own eye you'll see better to remove the specks in others. At least in other people, even those of us who reject Jesus think this is good advice.

In our daily life when people oppose us, when we find reasons to attack them, or even unrelated people, as you advise, before we first examine our own behavior to see what we might have done to provoke it, we get consequences like divorce, being fired from jobs, and prison. People who act as the United States has acted, and as you advise, are clinically insane, and their lives soon reflect it.

What should first have been done about the first attack on the Twin Towers is to examine our own behavior. Where was American indignation about the towers in Beirut that the Israeli Air Force destroyed in 1982 with American support and approval? Where was American concern with the 17,000 civilians Israel killed in that completely unjustified war of aggression, or the massacre they sponsored in Sabra and Shatila that was so disgusting that 400,000 Israelis protested it in the streets of Tel Aviv? You who are so indignant about anyone striking back at their American tormentors, why are you so indifferent to 3000 poor people murdered in El Chorillo by the Marines in 1989? You that are so hot about 9/11/2001, why are you just fine with 9/11/1973?

You think Americans are supposed to lash out at anyone who hurts them in any way, but then why, when Americans murder hundreds of thousands here or millions there, are those people wrong to be mad about that themselves? Really, if we truly don't want people to kill us, shouldn't we first stop killing them for trivial reasons, like wanting to plunder their resources, as in Guatemala from 1954 to 1996?

Since in the matter of Usamah bin Laden you venture into some religious issues, let me make a couple of points. Bin Laden has never expressed any interest in trying to make Americans worship Allah, although to do so genuinely is a good idea, in that Allah is simply Arabic for "the God" - precisely the same as the Greek "ho theos" in John 1:1.

Allah is the term for God used in every Arab Christian church since long before our German ancestors were offering human sacrifices to the pagan deity whose name was later applied to the German Gott and the English God. Bin Laden's demands were these:
1) Remove American troops from Sa'udi Arabia, the land of the Two Mosques
2) Stop the genocidal sanctions regime against Iraq, which as Madeleine Albright admitted on 60 Minutes on May 12, 1996, had killed over 500,000 Iraqi children - which she said she considered "worth it.". A nation that considers the deaths of 500,000 innocent children worth it forfeits the right to be indignant when others want to kill them to make them stop such behavior. At least you think so in the case of nations other than the US, judging by your comments on Saddam Hussein.
3) Stop supporting Israel's occupation and dispossession of the Palestinians.

All of these, judged by George Washington's Farewell Address, which you should read maybe, would have been implemented by him in a heartbeat before bin Laden would have had a chance to offer them.

My blog entry of July 4, 2008, in addition to pertinent excerpts, has a link to Washington's entire statement for your consideration.

Your indignation about Saddam Hussein's crimes invites derision. Americans didn't have a problem with any of that through the 1980s when he was doing all these things and Americans were selling him precursors for chemical weapons, with Donald Rumsfeld shaking his hand and smiling, saying what a great guy he was.

There was no problem when Colin Powell went with other Americans to Iraq to find Saddam Hussein innocent in Halabja and blame it on the Iranians. That all turned into a problem - and Saddam Hussein was to blame after all - only when the Americans wanted to invade the country themselves and kill over a million people, making Saddam Hussein look good in comparison. It was fine for these barbarians to sit placidly in their tanks and watch everything in Iraq be trashed except the Oil Ministry, making plain to the world that that indeed was the only thing that mattered to them, as even Alan Greenspan has admitted.

You've got a problem when your behavior makes Saddam Hussein look like the good old days.

If you're really interested in protecting YOUR children, then you should stand against behavior which, when other people do it, you want to drop bombs on THEIR children. It really is the log-in-eye thing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There may be no indignation because many of these events receive little or no coverage in the USA media. I had not heard about some of these events. That may have been intentional by the US government.

9/19/2008 10:50 PM  

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