Sunday, September 26, 2010

Equal weights, equal measures

President Obama is now arguing in a federal court that he is not only entitled to kill an American citizen without any due process at all, but that the courts have no right even to consider the legality of the action - never mind such small details as the constitutional prohibition against anyone being deprived of life "without due process of law."

Glenn Greenwald has the details here:

I remember that when George Bush asserted prerogatives of this kind all sorts of "progressives" went ballistic - and rightly so. But now the same crowd says we all have to support Obama against those terrible Republicans, and they make excuses for Obama doing what Bush did - only more so. Why, exactly, is it so important to support someone who claims dictatorial power with no oversight whatever and not the slightest concern for the Constitution which he swore to uphold and defend at his inauguration? Why was it so important to get rid of Bush for the same things that must be overlooked in Obama, and worse?


Blogger Aaron Kristie and Aidan said...

I voted for President Obama and I support this President but I do not support his stance that it is okay to assassinate without due process an American citizen.

9/27/2010 5:29 PM  
Blogger Peter Attwood said...

You document the existence of that crowd that would not tolerate in Bush what they tolerate in Obama.

He tortures and kidnaps - not nice but I support him anyway. He rips everybody else off to make the banksters whole at our expense - not nice but I support him anyway. He unconditionally supports Israeli white phosphorus on Gaza and every other abomination Israel does even when it harms American interests - not nice but I support him anyway. He comes up with a medical care plan designed to take care of insurance companies at our expense, just as Bush did with Medicare drugs - and that's OK too.

And much more can be said.

Bottom line, Bush is a bad guy for doing things like this, and we have to vote against him - worst President we've ever had. Obama does all the same things, and even worse - even Bush didn't send the FBI to break into people's homes as Obama did last week and drag away all their stuff on a fishing expedition because they oppose Obama's wars and Israel's occupation.

But we have to support this guy, because Obama is okay when he does all the crimes that Bush used to do.

9/27/2010 9:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you seriously perplexed? I remember once sitting in the front yard and telling my son to tell me the truth...insisting that he just tell the truth! Everything would be better if he would go ahead and tell the truth to me..You got your face between us. You got into my face and said "don't you get it? He cant tell the truth, he doesn't know it". That was the first time it had ever entered my mind that some could not "know" truth.It was so sad to learn. Its scary to realize that we are in a relationship with our imaginations, With a whirlwind...I don't think its possible to realize we are in love with IDOL without your IDOL failing you. And that takes mercy from GOD... I had never made the connection that we have to desire the truth to be given the truth to tell the truth. When my Idols fail me(Ive had many) it makes me desire salvation..I just assumed that happened to everybody.
This PrObama way of thinking reminds me of the kind of pep talk we give when people are newlyweds, when things don't work out, when the honeymoon is over.."O no you didn't marry a jackass...Its just he/she is new at being married and that whats wrong the; newness of married life...So we give grace to the situation and time to grow. Presidents of Powerful countries should not learn to abide by their oaths during the marriage.. They should put that time in before the wedding. During courtship. Its gonna take lots of spousal abuse before the husband is called a Liar.
If we could learn tell GOD we have had 5 husbands....

J Braun

9/27/2010 11:21 PM  

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