Saturday, February 26, 2011

UN Security Council Resolution 1970

Very good unanimous resolution, including a referral of the Libyan government to the International Criminal Court, targeting travel and the finances of the people in the regime.

The highlight was the Libyan Deputy Ambassador, Ibrahim Dabbashi, thanking the Council for the resolution and calling for the overthrow of this "fascist" regime, specifically asking officers of the armed forces to support the revolution.

There is, of course, no shortage of ironies. The passionate speech of the representative of Gabon, one of those introducing the resolution, condemning violence against peaceful protestors while the Gabonaise cops and army are now cracking heads. The Columbian representative, who, however, failed to mention the paramilitary death squads presently murdering labor organizers in his own country with the approval of his own government. The Chinese representative talking the same way while the Chinese cops are hauling people away before they can even demonstrate in sympathy with those same Libyan protestors. The American representative indignantly protesting violence against civilians while the American occupation force in Afghanistan is bombing the civilian population, destroying their crops and homes, and breaking into their homes in the middle of the night and shooting them or dragging them away. The British representative huffing and puffing about the Libyan security forces doing what they were doing with the arms supplied to them by British arms manufacturers for that purpose - a detail he forgot to mention.

But none of this, I think, can top Hillary Clinton, on February 15 denouncing governments that don't respect freedom of speech.

Emmanuel Margolis commenting in the Connecticut Law Tribune.

The video, with commentary in the Sky Valley News (WA). You have to scroll down a bit.


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