Friday, February 24, 2012

The plans of mice and men

Gayle and I decided to to Pasadena last night for dinner and a movie. But I went for a yellow light southbound, and another driver did the same northbound, turning left in front of me. Thus the truck came to its end, along with his car. He and Gayle went to the hospital, although she was not very badly hurt. So we got home about midnight and ate at home, having gone out for a traffic accident.

My stupidity in deciding to beat the light was remarkable, but I saw in reflecting on it how little interested I am in wisdom, and how much I pursue shrewdness. I considered that I could instead have turned right there and turned left later to get to Colorado Blvd, which was true, but how about getting over caring about beating a light when I'm not even late anyway? I have felt forsaken and abandoned all my life, and I remember back to before age 2, but there really is abundant evidence that God has watched out for me all this time. The love of money in its variations - and wanting to beat traffic lights is a form of that - is rooted in not knowing that God will not fail or forsake us. If I can learn something about these things at last, the experience will be worthwhile.

Traffic is all about the same issues as life in general. The issues on the road are all the same in all of life's encounters. So this stuff is worth learning right.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see that you do not have much activity on this site. I just wanted to tell you that a post you wrote some time ago about how Islam was, is, actually the first Christian reformantion made a lot of sense to me.
I thoughtg about this because decades ago I divided Muslim women up between "good" Muslims and "bad" Muslims based upon whether they wore black clothing or more colorful clothing. At the time it seemed to me as a symbolic dual between those who supported life and those who supported death.
At some point I came to understand that those who wore black were not neccessarily supporting death and oppossing life but where supporting humility and solidarity by not trying to have the most beautiful clothing. If I were a MuslĂ­m I would still support the wearing of colors other than black but I can no longer oppose the wearing of black.
I just wanted to share that with you and wish you the best of luck in your campaign for school board.

4/04/2012 4:40 AM  

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