Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Life is a bus station

My wife a couple of days ago explained that life is a bus station.  The poor have to live there, while everyone else passes through.

Medical care is delivered in clinics in which doctors serve out of medical school until they can move on and set up their practices where people have money.  Mental health clinics serving poor people are staffed by interns that move on as soon as they can.  Schools are staffed by teachers that are only there if they have to be, and when they don't, they're gone.

But while others move on, poor folks aren't going anywhere.

When the world has good news for the poor, it turns out not to be so great after all.  It does turn out that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only real good news for the poor.  So here is something else: when the preaching  turns out not to be good news for the poor, it's another gospel, not the real thing.  When the Christoids preach the rightness of the "free market" and domination of the world by the American empire, that's the gospel just about as much as the white supremacy that their fathers used to preach in the name of Jesus.  


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