Sunday, May 28, 2006

"North Country" - movie review

"North Country" (Charlize Theron) is a fictional account of a real incident in the iron mines in northern Minnesota, the first class action for sexual harassment.

It made me once again take a hard look at what it costs to walk in the truth and to seek freedom for the oppressed, including ourselves.

You'll be hated and forsaken - and by your friends and companions who stand to gain by your success, who instead fight you in order to suck up to their oppressor so as to stay out of trouble. That's what happened to Moses. It's what Jesus received - indeed, what he receives lots of times right now from me and other Christians that I know.

If you want to give sight to the blind, you'll encounter a lot of blindness. If you undertake to bring light to those who sit in darkness, you'll receive lots of behavior motivated by darkness. By the time they want to hand you an honorary degree, it will be long over.

It's not playtime: what the cruel and unjust is willing to do to others, he will do to you if you get between him and his victim. If he's willing to be that cruel and unjust, do you think he's decent enough not to lie about you and to do you cruel injustice?

In the movie, the victory turned on some small things. The mother still loved her son even when he hated his mother and joined her enemies in calling her a whore in public, agreeing with them that she deserved what they were doing to her. She didn't even give up on her father when he stood against her with her tormentors.

I'm not made of the required stuff. I don't know about somebody else - as Paul wrote, there might exist somewhere a good man for whom one might dare to die. But if I'm going to stand and deliver the minimum required to be a decent human being, I definitely need God's training, encouragement, and constant supervision!

So, for some things to think about and a hard look at reality, go to the video store and rent "North Country."


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