Friday, January 05, 2007

Folly and wisdom at DMV

Yesterday I took Joshua to the DMV for his written test to get his permit. I sat there for an hour waiting for him, and the whole time the paperwork sat in my car for me to register the NEW hoopdie I just bought, a 1991 Corolla. So I sat there wasting my time, when I could have registered it.

Now that's the dumbs.

But it turned out that I had to bring a new friend to DMV today to get an ID, and they bounced his paperwork. Shortly thereafter it was my turn. I told him to come up with me and see if we could get her to do it for him even though the other clerk wouldn't - you never know.

She told us nobody ever listens to her because she's short, but she'd go talk to the tall fat lady (her supervisor). Presently the fat lady sang, our short clerk returned, and my friend got his document.

So it turned out that my dumbs worked for good, since if I had taken care of business yesterday as I should have, I wouldn't have had occasion to arrange this retry for my friend.

I'm reminded of how the disciples, when Jesus said to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, thought he had a problem with them because they had forgotten to bring bread. How wrong they were. God is not bothered by that sort of ditziness; he often works through it as he did for me.

It was a good day at DMV. The new hoopdie is registered into 2008 and my friend has his ID - and Joshua passed his test yesterday. It's not the first time I've run into nice and helpful people at DMV.

People often express disgust with the people at DMV, who actually serve people courteously and often bend the rules to make life better for their customers.

The same people idolize others who go to other people's countries and treat them with contempt - bullying them, shooting and bombing them, breaking into their homes at all hours and trashing them, and dragging thousands off to concentration camps like Camp Cropper.

Which of these are more like Christ, and which of these does the average "Christian" honor more? I'm still looking for Christians in the USA.


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