Saturday, November 18, 2006

Midterm elections

The Democrats did well on their midterms. I'm glad they did too, because it makes it less likely that I will soon be declared an "unlawful combatant," or one of their supporters, just because Mr. Bush says so, and disappear - no habeas corpus, no lawyer, nobody to know what tortures they're inflicting on me. Of course Bush wouldn't do that if it weren't true, would he? Doesn't he always judge rightly and tell the truth about everything and everyone?

But let's not get carried away. Like the dog chasing the car, what are the Dems going to do with it now that they've caught it?

Augustine rightly said that the doing of good deeds begins with the confession of bad deeds. I hope that Congress now actually investigates the criminality they've been covering up the past 5 years - it's their job, and Romans 13 charges them to do it already. But the Democrats now so delightedly pointing the finger at Bush and the other incompetents would do better to start by confessing their own bad deeds. Didn't most of them vote for this monstrosity, and are they not continuing to search for ways to put more whipped cream on this turd? Didn't a lot of them go along with torture and with disposing of the Constitution and habeas corpus? Being more interested in pinning it on the Republicans than in doing justice to anybody, they will end up at this rate making this turd their own, which is exactly what the equally cynical Republicans are busy maneuvering them into.

It's tough for the wicked, for those who refuse to humble themselves. Their way is a hedge of thorns, just as the proverb says.

One thing I've wondered about all along is the so-called Bible believers who read in the Revelation that four mighty angels are bound at the River Euphrates that when released will bring about mass death all over the world. These people, who supposedly believe that scripture, were eager to tap dance on that river bank, like none of the calamity they want to inflict on others could possibly touch them (Proverbs 17:5). They were all for the Marines devastating al-Fallujah - bombing and attacking hospitals, shooting drivers in their ambulances, and even people in the Euphrates itself who were trying to escape. If you believe those scriptures, and I say you should, is that just the spot in the whole wide world that you should act like that?

Ar-Ramadi is also on the Euphrates, and they just killed 11 members of one family there with tank fire in a crowded neighborhood. Again, can anyone who takes the Bible seriously pick that riverbank to act that way?

All this robbery and mass murder was conceived in lying and impatience - in the cowardice of a nation manipulated through its fears and greed for oil and world domination, like Gog and Magog rushing to easy plunder by the prompting of Satan (Ezekiel 38:10-12, Revelation 20:7-8). No amount of violence will repeal the truth about what has been done or the spirit in which it has been done - and God is not mocked. Who will take Augustine's advice, given earlier by John the apostle in 1 John 1:6-10? Are there any Christians out there?


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