Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Kid stuff

We went to court Monday 11 September. My friends were supposed to be assigned legal guardian status, and the County wanted to close the case - which motivated the County Social Worker to write another report about how wonderful they are.

When she was trying to take the kids away and adopt them out to "Christian" families (for which they receive a Federal bounty), my friends were no good, but somehow they regained a lot of virtue when LA County decided they wanted to close the case.

But why were they so anxious of all of a sudden to close the case? Well, the lawyers turned up the detail that by closing the case, the County would avoid having to pay the 5 months of support payments they have wrongfully withheld. So they didn't get to close the case. They get to straighten this out and pay up, or explain to the referee why not when everyone gets together again on November 13th.

They also didn't award legal guardian status just yet, because they can't seem to find the father to let him know this is all in the works so he can show up if he wants.

But it is coming, so when the question was raised about the earlier order forbidding me to see the kids because my "extremist" views are a danger to them, the referee promptly vacated that order - the LA County lawyer stating, "The department does not object" - so we're now free to see each other. They all took turns jumping up on my knees for a ride on the French horse.

For those readers who may be unfamiliar with this megillah, here is my letter to the Foster Family Agency which provoked the wrath of LA County Department of Children and Family Services. Nobody disputed the facts, but the County was offended by my bringing them up.


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