Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"Health to their whole body"

I got an eye exam today and ordered some new specs. They took pictures of both my retinas and saw nothing wrong with them. Two years ago or so back, a little kid smashed me in the eye with a toy and did some real damage so that I had a big floater for a while and some other evidence that my retina was thinking of detaching. Severe near-sightedness makes that more likely, so it was good to see no sign of damage today.

Also my jaw has never been quite right for the past 35 years, since my wisdom teeth had to be taken out. But today for the first time, it was really agonizing as I was walking to my son's high school graduation. When I spoke to the Lord about it, it became evident that it related to tension I felt and how I go about trying to relieve it.

Pain concentrates the mind! I was motivated to pursue the subject. Presently I realized how frightened I was of brutal people when I was little, and that I had never been able to consider entrusting such situations to God and just hear from him about it. So I started that conversation, and the pain receded instantly.

Of course that's only a start. I certainly haven't worked the matter through as I need to, and my jaw still isn't right - just back to the usual. I'm just signed up for the class.

This has happened to me before. Back in 1992 I had an agonizing sinus infection for the umpteenth time and had a pastor at Vineyard Christian fellowship pray for me about it. Nothing happened right away, but as I drove away from dropping my son at daycare about an hour later, I remembered Isaiah 49 concerning how the Lord cares for us, and I realized that I just didn't believe God or anyone cared for me at all. So I stopped and told the truth about all that as I rolled up to a stop sign at Cherry Avenue in Fontana. As I spoke to the Lord, there was a sort of cracking in the back of my nose and I quit hurting. The sinus infection raged on for several days longer, but it didn't hurt anymore, and I've never had a painful sinus infection since.

It is as the proverb says, "My son, give attention to My words; incline your ear to My sayings. Do not let them depart from your sight; keep them in the midst of your heart. For they are life to those who find them, and health to their whole body."


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