Saturday, June 03, 2006

"What was I supposed to do?"

This is the man's question in "North Country" when the lawyer has gotten him to admit that yes, indeed, the high school teacher raped his girlfriend, and he ran away.

The lawyer answered as follows:

"What do you do when those with all the power are hurting those who have none? You stand up and tell the truth."

And everybody in the movie knows it's true, and gradually some start to stand up. Too bad life is not mostly like the movies.

But that sure is Jesus and the prophets, and it's anybody who follows Jesus. That's why when little kids were being abused by LA DCFS I stood up and spoke the truth. That's why when the American empire slaughters and robs people and then claims that they're the bad guys for responding just as Americans would if treated that way, I mean to stand up and speak the truth. And when people calling themselves Christians stand up for oppression and for the lies forged to justify it, it's my duty to stand up and speak the truth.

It's quite simple: whoever you are that's reading this, when someone with all the power is hurting you and you have none, you'll want someone to stand up and tell the truth. And Jesus said, "Whatever you want men to do to you, do so to them."

There is this: doing that got him nailed on a cross, and it will get you hated, ostracized, and reviled by men. He promised (Matthew 5:101-2). But it's worth it.

It seems time to share the letter to the Foster Family Agency that caused the FFA to retire and brought the wrath of DCFS upon me. The facts were not disputed by anyone - just whether it was OK for me to stand up and tell the truth. Read and judge for yourself whether I should have kept silent or did well to stand up and speak the truth when those with no power were being hurt by those with all the power.


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