Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Unplanned excitement

I couldn't go to the Jewish Voice for Peace conference because I had to stay with my son for the weekend, who with his mother's approval had been threatened by his psychologist with being flung into a mental hospital and drugged by force, and I have had to dismiss the psychologist, who did not want to go quietly.

However, his mother was unwilling to come to blows in court in order to support the psychologist. So the psychologist seems gone, but it clearly offends him that I have successfuly opposed his will, and it would be rash to trust him to accept his proper place quietly and not to try further mischief. So there do remain some loose ends to tie up.

The proverb is true indeed: "There are many plans in a man's heart, but the Lord's counsel, that shall stand." Good things have happened through these hard times, but my plans to see the JVP folks didn't happen, so I can bring no report on the conference.

Since today was the day I gave Dr. Rouanzoin the word, in advance of the Thursday appointment in which my son and I were to be bullied together, I took the day off work and spent time with my son, who now wants to avoid his mother as he wants to avoid the school district, since she wanted to do him as the school district had done. We went to visit his old preschool, today where he was last seen 11 years ago. He was instantly recognized after all these years, and they showed him around, and he spent quite some time pushing little kids on the swings. It was a great visit, and very good for both of us.

I may have more reflections on this crisis later, but for now, back to regular programming.


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