Wednesday, July 18, 2007

News items

Gayle and I have set August 25th to be married in Kevan and Judy's back yard - a function it has served before, so we're upholding tradition as always :) . Santos Ramos, the pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Pomona, has agreed to officiate - in fact, he brought it up.

Stephen, Jacob, and I will be moving out of here the end of the month, or in September if we take up the complex's offer to move into a bigger place around the corner. Gayle will be moving out of her room at Oakwood Drive, probably to Judy's for a little while.

Stephen, Diane, and I have a date with the CVUSD superintendent, Edmond Heatley, on Tuesday the 24th to see if we can come to an understanding. I was advised by the school board president, Fred Youngblood, that that is the way to go. Heatley's secretary first made me go through a couple of other administrators, Heather Williams and Nancy Harms. Both had lots of trouble understanding why Stephen might have a valid problem receiving a psychological evaluation from the school district when the last time this exact evaluation was promised it was a ruse designed to carry out an act of base treachery and deceit, one of the most traumatic experiences of Stephen's life. But we eventually arrived at where Youngblood said we had to go in the first place, a date with Heatley.

Stephen is afraid to go there, of course, but with my promise to "never leave his side" and the presence of Diane as a witness to everything, he is willing to go through it. He knows his job is to simply tell the superintendent the truth, and we'll make Heatley either look at it and deal with it - or make it plain that he refuses.

Canyon Ridge Hospital's collection agency has begun trying to collect. I do not intend to accommodate them. If I went against their will and painted their building high gloss purple with orange stripes and then sent them a bill, I don't think they would pay me. I think they would have me arrested for vandalism and sue me for damages, and rightly so. So I will be sending the collection agency the pushback letter from the lawyer that the hospital evidently forgot to share with them.

Other efforts in this connection are moving ahead. The father of the autistic girl roughed up and handcuffed on May 7th plans to file his injury claim shortly, which the district will doubtless reject. Complaints are being made to the nursing board and other agencies about Linda Casas, the school nurse who falsely certified the 5150 against Stephen, which as I understand is a criminal offense, besides being a cruel act of child abuse under color of authority. But as Jesus said to Pilate, the one who sent her has the greater sin. I would let her go in a moment if she repented so far as to give her truthful testimony about the affair, who her handlers were and just what they told her to do.


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