Monday, October 08, 2007

Lots of news, just this once

I talked to West End SELPA, and we have an educational evaluation scheduled with Jose Fuentes in Loma Linda November 5-6, paid by the taxpayers. CVUSD calls it the one assessment I'm entitled to because I disagree with theirs, which they never performed and refused to give us on terms that anyone could agree to. I call it the assessment they owe me which they wouldn't do when I asked them for it, done by an outsider because Stephen can't trust the people who already deceived and traumatized us. Since they did no assessment, what assessment is there for us to disagree with? As their lawyer said, we'll cross that bridge.

I am also getting an assessment from Kyle Pontius of Meier Clinics. and he will be billing CVUSD.

Because the statute of limitations was running out. we spoke of a tolling agreement and were having some problems with the wording. His latest would have allowed them to kill it with 60 days notice and then prevent me from suing for 60 days, which means I couldn't at all the moment they decided to kill it. When I pointed this out and sent him a revision, he said I'd hear from him today. I didn't, and I retained a lawyer who specializes in these matters. We will be suing the district shortly, along with their agents in a separate action.

They evidently intended nothing else but to try to run out the clock while seeing if they could get me to fall into an ambush. I would have too, if my God had not kept me from walking in my conceit. Narrow escape.

From now on, I will be giving a lot less news here about this matter, since I now have a mouthpiece, and I need to keep my mouth shut.


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