Thursday, August 30, 2007

Still more news

We went to see Superintendent Ed Heatley, and when he saw Bill Zeman and Dan Titus with us, he said they couldn't join us for the meeting, because if they were there with us he would need his lawyer with him. So when he gave us the choice of meeting without our witnesses or rescheduling so his lawyer could join us, we rescheduled. Stephen won't feel safe with his tormentors unless these witnesses are present, so without them no can do. I'm glad their lawyer will be with us next time, because there is no hope of our being able to negotiate anything unless he is there.

Asked for his view of what happened, Stephen said (edited to conform to FCC regulations), "He was pooping himself, so he told us to bug off." Hard to top that analysis; it certainly obeys Will Strunk's advice in The Elements of Style - "Omit needless words!" Stephen isn't getting any schoolwork done at the moment, but he is seeing real-world educational bureaucrats without their clothes. He's learning about the real world.

Heatley's secretary called later to say the 5th won't do either, because Nancy Harms has to be there too. She set us up for the 13th. That won't do. They're stalling, so we go to the next step. If they want delay, it has to uncomfortable for them, if we're to resolve this, and I can't just let them run out the clock. Besides it will strengthen our case to find any others in our situation, so we'll have a stronger lawsuit if they really do want to try the case, as it seems they do.


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