Wednesday, August 15, 2007

News break

I got a phone call from a reader because, like, what's the news on Stephen?

Ed Heatley - so he introduced himself - called Monday on my cell phone to say he had met with Linda Casas and that her story was not at all like mine, and that we should meet again so we can hear it. He said he was going to call me the next day to schedule it.

Well, duh. If she was ready to lie about Stephen to certify the 5150, she wouldn't lie to protect herself afterwards? Does a bear dump in the woods?

Like someone who did that in the first place would get a stricken look on her face when asked about it and say, "Well, yes, Dr. Heatley. I did make a false statement, a criminal offense, a tort against this kid and his parents, and an ethical violation that can cost me my license - my livelihood. Now I'm going to stand up and tell all so that your thing is caught in the zipper too, 'cause I know you'll love me for being so honest! I cannot tell a lie - I was lying back then!"

I didn't say all that, but I sketched it briefly. Would she say anything else but the self-justifying tale she gave him? But sure, let's meet and hear it. And I have not yet heard from him.

I was reading how Gideon got in a lot of trouble by asking for a gift he was entitled to, and which they were happy to give. But he should have let it go. It was clear to me that I should concentrate in this case on getting what I really need from this - safety for Stephen and a way forward. And I need to concentrate on discerning what my adversaries really need and giving it to them if I can, so that if they want to fight me it really is wickedness and not necessity that I am unjustly imposing upon them.

For one thing, they need to know I won't take advantage of any admission of wrongdoing to punish them, just as God doesn't punish me when I admit I'm wrong, but the contrary. Of course, they can't believe that, and I can't expect them to, but we have to solve this problem somehow.

He knows what he's got - a cynical administrator that wanted to solve a kid not doing his schoolwork by having him drugged up by force and terrorized into submission along with his refractory father, and a school nurse sent with a school psychologist to do the job and doing it, dishonest as it was, just because she was a loyal flunky. And it didn't work out as planned, but now they have to hold their story together, hoping that no one will believe a kid and his father against the bare word of these degreed and supposedly responsible people.

I know what I've got. The sworn statement of my son, who knows what happened and isn't backing off. The history of pressure to have him drugged, and the lack of any real interest in his condition, as shown by their complete indifference to his being suicidal when he really was at the coming of their home-school teacher, and by their complete avoidance of Stephen's psychologist. And then, their suddenly getting interested a month later in his having been suicidal back when because he wasn't doing his school work. All of this corroborates Stephen's deposition, as well as what I heard myself.

Linda Casas has a reputation at her high school as an officious supervisor of other people's business who pressures kids to get counseling, whether they need it or not - she likes to play psychiatrist. If she acted this way with Stephen, it's habitual. Those who sent her felt sure they could count on her. So if this isn't resolved by the opening of school, I can be at Don Lugo in the morning with leaflets to tell how Casas and MacEntire came to my place and treated my son with cruelty and treachery, and it won't be long before I hear stories from others, and a few may be willing to testify. So around Halloween, if they really want to try the case, we'll be better fixed to file the paperwork. Can they really be dumb enough not to see that this is the way we're headed?

I don't think they really want to go there, and I don't either. I just will if they make me. My job right now is to give them a way out if they want it, just as they would be wise to do for me.

In wedding news, Gayle's female advisors pronounced her wedding dress unacceptable and documented this by taking a pic with a phone and showing it to her. They said that's what happens when an autie shops for clothes, and they will be taking her to buy something under their close supervision. Then I too will be dressed in the same fashion.

I did have to verify that the yogurt was indeed Lebanese-style labneh. I have nearly destroyed one container and will presently polish off the other - after all, we can't have it sit around almost two weeks. Wouldn't be fair to our guests! So I'll have to go back and get more goodies, especially since we have more people coming. While I'm in the neighborhood anyway, I'd better get another bottle of arak, too, just in case.


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