Monday, July 23, 2007

Daily bread

Gayle and I were talking Saturday morning about the value of serving God rather than ourselves or other people. He's a better boss.

Whether it's me or anyone else, it's a true saying, "Hell and destruction are never full, and the eyes of man are never satisfied." When we're pleasing men, we don't just find it impossible to please God. More to the point, there's no pleasing them, just as when we want to please ourselves, there's no pleasing us. Mick had it right: "I can't get no satisfaction. I try, and I try, and I try but I can't get no . . ."

All it takes to please God is truth. He'll certainly want more tomorrow, but he's satisfied with the truth he gets from us today, for today, and tomorrow God will give us the daily bread by which God gets his daily bread from us. I was realizing in that conversation that when Jesus had us pray for our daily bread, he was calling us to be divinized, to receive for ourselves the divine nature. God is content today with just what should happen in us today. He's not grumbling to himself today because he hasn't seen in us yet what he expects next year or even tomorrow. "Give us this day our daily bread" isn't just what we're supposed to say. It's the divine perspective - wanting today's provision only, and wanting to store future provision in heaven where it won't get ripped off, until its day comes.


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