Saturday, August 04, 2007


The superintendent's secretary, Elena, called to say that he actually meant he'd be back to me Thursday week, that is the 9th, not next Thursday the 2nd, and that makes sense. She called again to say he was scheduled with Linda Casas, the school nurse who certified the bogus 5150, at 3:30 that day. Since the dentist will be in my mouth putting in a replacement crown, I won't be available right then either. We're supposed to meet again the next week, and I hope we can come to a mutually acceptable deal.

Gayle and I figured out how to print the labels for the wedding invitations and Gayle is mailing them today. Last week we also got Gayle moved out of her old place to Judy's, where the wedding is to take place the 25th. At least I don't have to get out of here right away; we'll be moving downstairs in the same building into a bigger flat - me, Gayle, and Stephen - September 1.


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