Saturday, May 17, 2008

Joshua's IEP meeting

We got together at the High School Thursday morning. The school psychologist did a very good report on Joshua. Everybody in the meeting made sense. We got some goals together, and we decided on services needed. They didn't lie about anything, have people there that weren't supposed to be, or try to screw us out of what Joshua needed.

Going into this, I had prayed about how to play it, because they were being very nice, but I can't forget that they have sandbagged before. I remembered that while the US and the USSR could never agree peaceably about Germany, and enormous armies with tactical nuclear weapons glared at each other over the Fulda Gap, they agreed on Austria in 1955, no problem, like the best of friends. And in the same way, as the Vietnam War was heating up in 1962, everybody agreed on a deal over Laos, which held for about 5 years.

So why have they kept on viciously trying to hurt Stephen and make me fight them on everything to this day, while behaving perfectly with Joshua? After all, it's the same father they're dealing with. If I don't know what to make of mysteries like that, I can be sure I have a lot to learn.

On another note, they took Jeff Morris and his law firm, Stutz Artiano, off the case and replaced them with Constance Taylor of Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo in Cerritos. Does that mean they might want to work things out instead of trying every way to cheat us and to harm Stephen as they've been doing these past 15 months? Stay tuned, I guess.


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