Sunday, October 12, 2008

"The cruel man troubles his own flesh" (Proverbs 11:17)

Asia Times recounts today, for those who understand the wisdom in today's verse from Proverbs, what the Americans did in 2007 that is causing them to be losing in Afghanistan today. Read it here. It begins thus:

KABUL - A bit past midnight on a balmy night in late August, Hedayatullah awoke to a deafening blast. He stumbled out of bed and heard angry voices drawing closer. Suddenly, his bedroom doors banged open and dozens of silhouetted figures burst in, some shouting in a strange language.

The intruders blindfolded Hedayatullah and, screaming with fury, forced him to the ground. An Afghan voice told him not to move or speak or he would be killed. He listened for sounds from the next room, where his brother Noorullah slept with his family. He could hear his nephew, eight months old, crying hysterically. Then came the sound of an automatic rifle, after which his nephew fell silent.

Both major Presidential candidates are on the record wanting to do more of the same in Afghanistan, supposing, I guess, that Afghan humans can be expected to feel differently about people who do such things than Americans would. I offer this without further comment, but with just a question.

O Christians, what would you think of people doing such things where you live? How would you feel about the Christians in the country that invaded you supporting these acts and averting their eyes to make sure they don't learn about them? Is that what Jesus would do?


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