Friday, March 27, 2009

More news in Special Ed

The Office of Administrative hearings (OAH) found most , but not all, of my amended request insufficient, so we had the resolution session. That didn't work out, so we're supposed to go to mediation on April 14th. It was clear at resolution that at this time CVUSD doesn't want a deal. They want to go to the wall in Due Process, so I have to hire a good Special Ed lawyer, whom I think I've now found, but we will see. I've filed a motion to give me another two weeks to amend in order to give my lawyer time to decide what to do with the Due Process request. If that's denied, then I'll have to take another spin on the hamster wheel, which will be more trouble to everyone, including CVUSD, who will have to write another notice of insufficiency (NOI), convene another resolution session with no intention of working anything out with us, and then move on to new dates for mediation and hearing.

It really is like being in prison. I can't just walk away; I just have to learn what I must in it like Joseph. And it's true that I keep learning and growing up. Gayle told me today that Maggie the cat has made me a nicer person, and it's true. And so have Ed Heatley and Jean Martin, although improving my life somehow doesn't seem to me to be their top priority!

I started building my Special Ed page. I plan to add to it in future. It needs links, and I look forward to any suggestions.


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