Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Prophets (Heschel)

I've started taking another look at Abraham Joshua Heschel's work on the prophets, and I really got blessed just reading the introduction again. If you've never read it, go get yourself a used copy cheap from It's one of those books worth reading again after things have happened in life; being a different person, one may see new things.

This is one of the advantages of repentance, it occurs to me. If we remain the same, so does the rest of the world, but when we change, everything around us changes with us and becomes new. Repentance is the answer to boredom. So if you're bored, seek repentance!


Anonymous patrick furlong said...

Peter: I am wondering if you are the son of William Attwood author of Making it Through Middle Age?

Patrick Furlong

3/22/2010 7:29 PM  
Blogger Peter Attwood said...

I am indeed, though I consider it by far his weakest book.

3/24/2010 8:27 PM  
Anonymous Nathan Attwood said...

Dad: A copy of this book found its way to me a couple weeks ago. If it weren't for the dissertation it would be my summer reading. I'm glad to know it's worth the time. Hope you're well. --Nathan

5/20/2010 6:03 PM  
Anonymous Karen Manchon Frank said...

Did you attend New Canaan Public School in Annabelle Allen's 3rd grade class?

12/27/2011 3:59 PM  
Blogger Peter Attwood said...

I didn't know her name was Annabelle, but yes, I never forgot her. Cruelest teacher I ran into in my entire time in school. Oddly enough, I ran into her about 10 years later, and when introduced I was shocked at how small she seemed compared to when she was tormenting me. She was dismayed that I wasn't delighted to see her; she seemed to think she had showed me a good time. The tender mercies of the wicked are cruel; I wonder how often I've thought I was doing good when I was embittering someone's life in my meanness. I do know of several cases. Does me good to be reminded that as ghastly as that woman was, I have sometimes been as bad or worse. Helps me reevaluate everything in my life. Thanks for reminding me of that time.

12/27/2011 7:28 PM  

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