Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Uh oh, a slave revolt!

The "American Family Association" describes itself as a Christian organization, complete with a "Statement of Faith." So have a look at this video, and pay close attention, boring as it is.

If it were specific to the AFA, then whatever. I'm not picking on them in particular. Their significance is in just how indistinguishable they are from so many others, including some in my church, how predictably they react like the good Christian slave-owners, their fathers, that could flog a slave and wash his stripes in brine, and then go off to church and take communion. The moral idiocy of these people really hasn't changed at all. People don't too often take note of them that they have been with Jesus, do they? Certainly not the poor, to whom they're quick to prescribe more whie phosphorus and depleted uranium, more secret police torturers, more Hellfire missiles. In this last at least, they openly profess what spirit they are of.

Mubarak has amassed a $70 billion fortune on the backs of the poor, and his methods are those of American slave owners. Consider some of the footage in this video that was taken by the cops themselves.

Looks familiar doesn't it, just like the good old days here in the States. You know, back when they had prayer and Bible classes in the schools. The good old days before we fell away from the faith of our fathers, and from their whips and shackles.

And all the Christoids can think about is if these overseers of the slave populations of Egypt and other places lose their perches, what's going to happen to us and to our own safety?

What I want to know is, what happened in American Christianity, in the hearts of these "Bible believers" who blow it off, and in "pro-life" Christians whose trust is in murder, to the idea that our safety is found in the shadow of the Almighty - not in torturers, murderers, and robbers keeping us safe by keeping the poor under their boots?

Truly they're filling up the measure of their fathers, who hired slave breakers, slave catchers, and brutal overseers to torment and degrade their fellow human beings so they could prosper and feel safe going to church and praising God.

Now the good news in this is that the utter powerlessness of the Christian church in the United States today, its total failure to have a positive impact on American culture, is not because there is no God of power such as we see in the Bible. His arm is not short, and the witness of his power in time past is not a fairy tale. Things today are just what the Bible testifies they are whenever people profess to know God and deny him in deeds, having lips that draw near but hearts that are far away - being taken up with robbing the poor and slashing at them like Mubarak's cops in order to feel safe in this present world.

In 400 years, American Christians have always coveted the place of worldly power, asserting that the US is a Christian country - in total defiance of history and the Bible's testimony - in order to document their right to be boss, posting their crosses and 10 Commandments plaques in public places like a dog marking trees.

But what if at some point we stop constantly exalting ourselves and learn instead to humble ourselves, making it our business to follow the steps Paul lays out in Philippians 2? If Jesus went that way, doesn't following him mean to step out on that path ourselves? Maybe that way we might even see some of his results.


Blogger Aaron Kristie and Aidan said...
Sam Seder features Juan Cole and others discussing Egypt on his podcast available anytime and I listen frequently.

2/09/2011 9:23 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

Hi Peter ive been saying the same thing for years.
If we profess to be christians we need to act like it and stop being hypocritical. I have problems in my life but i always ask God for humulity. I like that you used humulity in your blog. I don't know how much aid we should give israel, i guess the better question is how much is our interest in the mideast worth. Oil being our interest. I believe most politicians are self serving profiteers who are under control of big money. I will not question or assess fault toward our military forces, most of them on the ground are barely of legal age. What can i say youth has its advantages. We have failed as christians because we have given into and ha e not took a stand in unity against the corruption that plagues our govenment and leaders. The chritians of america need to use the mormon church as an example and become organized like never before and then maybe God will bless us. We share some same philosophies im sure and are probablly oil and water on others. Keep posting i like reading your blog

2/10/2011 9:10 AM  

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