Sunday, February 26, 2012

Running for school board

I announced at the board meeting on the 16th that I am running, and I set up a Facebook group today to begin getting the campaign together. The election is in November, a long way off, but it's time to get started.


Anonymous Curt Kastens said...

I just watched 30 minutes of a NOVA documentary about a contraversy in Dover Pennsylvania over the teaching of Intellegent Design AND Evolution.
Many people saw teaching Intellegent Deisgn not obeying the rule against seperation of Church and State.
I am glad that I am not on a school board becasue decideing how to rule on this subject would create a dilema for me.
I think that both intellegent design and evolution are true.
Although the universe we live in has only existed since 1963 I agree with biblical literalists that its apparant age of 12 billion or so years is only an illusion. They are right but for the wrong reasons. When you are right but for the wrong reasons you certianly do not get full credit. I am not even sure that you can get half credit.
That brings me back to schools and the school board. Even though I know that there is some kind of manipulation going on in human history I am not sure whether or not evidence of such manipulation should be passed on to children who are just learning to think.
I would like to beleive that when it comes to political issues that I would defend the truth. But what is the truth in this case.
Is it that there is some kind of manipulation going on from a non human source? Or is the truth that this non human source does not want its manipulation to be
widely discovered?
Well to the Christians of the world the answer is obvious.
Yes this non human sourse wants to be discovered. So that we can all get down on our knees and bow to its greatness and magnificance. Then it can say you are welcome and give us every lasing life.
That is the truth as they understand it.
But the truth as I understand it is that no one will ever meet God.
God does not want to be found. He or she would certianly never introduce himself as God because God would know that the first thing that people would do would be to grab their wallets to prevent a theft from taking place.
So if God does not want to be discovered does he want people pointing out evdence of his existance?
So is intellegent design something that I should promote or just observe the battle between the two sides, knowing that I do not really belong on either one, and silently chuckle to myself?

8/11/2012 4:28 PM  
Anonymous Curt Kastens said...

I should clarify that I do not believe in an intellegent design in which the alien set crew created a fully grown wooly mamaoth or a sabre tooth tiger or a human or even an eye or an ear. No it is more along the lines that the set committe turned a knob on a machine in another dimension which caused a mutation in some DNA somewhere which fine tuned an organism.
Scientists would say to make such a
suppostiion is not scientific. My response to that is that scientists do not know what scientific is anymore than Priests, Ministers, Rabbis and Imams know what religion is.

8/12/2012 10:35 AM  

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