Wednesday, March 12, 2014

An eventful month

It became clear last month that I have a prostate cancer.  This has not been verified by biopsy, because I didn't like the cost benefit analysis.  But the PSA had gone up to 10.9, and the free PSA was only about 10%.  The crab is nibbling.

I had started modified citrus pectin, frankincense, and an enzyme supplement called Wobenzym N in December, along with turmeric and black pepper.  6 weeks later the PSA was down from 10.9 to 9.4.  I agree with the doctor that that is rather impressive.  So the crab will not be clipping me right away, seemngly.

Also, CA Technologies laid me off last week, along with a good number of others in our group.  I had gotten quite sick of it, and had spoken to the Lord about getting me out of there in the best way.  A week later, they sent me on my way, and this way I get a year severance pay.

So I will need to get started getting paid more often on the special ed advocacy work.  I did fight a 5-day hearing in Redlands last month over Independent Educational Evaluations.  Closing arguments are due 10 AM March 24th, so I won't be doing too much else for a bit.  But I am working a bit with a couple of lawyer friends on a case in Fresno, which is fun, and we'll learn something. 

It's an interesting case in the district court, which the Fresno Unified School District filed against her about a year ago now.  Meanwhile, the mom, abandoned by two lawyers, won a due process case against the district last month, all by herself except for a little help from a friend on the closing argument.  The Administrative Law Judge really kicked Fresno Unified and their snotty lawyer in the soft parts, and they had it coming.  And then the Fresno Bee followed up an editorial about the district's conduct.  Their attorney was unavailable to comment, for some reason.  Justice occasionally happens.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember that I had written some comments not so very long ago about how survival-ism is the slipperiest slop. Well, maybe it was a private email to you since I could not find these comments anywhere on your blog. Those comments were related to a program that I watched yesterday about the attack by a right wing anti Muslim extremist in Norway several years ago.
Once the police were notified that a shooting spree was taking place on the island where the socialist youth were camping out it took the Norwegian version of the Delta Force more than an hour to get there because they did not even have one helicopter available to take any of these highly trained police to the crime scene. They had to drive there and then take a small boat.
Well my first instinct was wow the Norwegian Government which is in one of he richest societies in the world due to North Sea oil really erred on the wrong side by not spending the money for a few helicopters for their anti terror police. It cost several dozen kids their life.
My second thought was if the money not spent on such helicopters meant that more money was available for ambulances or cat scan equipment perhaps more than a few dozen lives of young people had been saved.
My third thought was that a country as wealthy as Norway certainly had enough money to have all of the ambulances and other medical equipment that it needed and still have enough left over for a pair of helicopters.
My fourth thought is that my third thought should not be understood as an argument for the idea that a nation's leaders should be cheer leaders for defense spending.
My fifth thought is that a nations leaders need to educate people to understand that all spending on what is normally referred to as civil defense is actually spending on national defense because attacks by nature on any country are far more likely than an attack by outsiders.

10/04/2014 3:08 PM  

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