Saturday, May 31, 2008

School news, and a new place to live

We have a date for Erin Sandifer to visit us at 11:30 Monday and converse with Stephen so as to allay his concerns - ours too - about the FBA she is to do on him later. We see no reason to suppose that Erin is intending treachery, as Linda Casas did a little more than a year ago when she came to our home. But her superiors are the same people, and I failed to anticipate their malice on that occasion, didn't I? We know what they're capable of, and they have shown not a trace of remorse in the past 18 months, indeed continuing to seek to harm Stephen throughout the IEP process and further traumatizing him by threatening to have him arrested as truant when they know he is not, because they are themselves not offering him FAPE. Whatever Erin might want to do, will she deal faithfully if those who cut her paycheck demand otherwise? Perhaps, but in view of all this, a father should trust and assume that? We have some things to pray about for sure.

Unlike Stephen, Joshua is being treated just fine so far. Unfortunately, his car was stolen out of the school parking lot, evidently by another student who found his keys when he misplaced them at school. It's been three days, and the car has not yet turned up, and maybe it never will. This has been very hard for Joshua, but the school has been very helpful.

Finally, Joshua's IEP meeting yielded us a new place to live. Someone had a place for rent, and we all went over to see it today. It's a little farther than where we would like, but not bad, and it has much to recommend it. We agreed on terms and expect to move in about the 20th or so. There will be room for Joshua when he moves out of where he is in November, if he likes.


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