Saturday, March 28, 2009

"The Changeling," and more news

Great movie starring Angelina Jolie and directed by Clint Eastwood about the true story of Christine Collins, whose son disappeared in March 1928, and then the LAPD brought her another kid 5 months later that was 3 inches shorter, circumcised, and with different dental work, and insisted he was her son.

It's quite a story. Because she wouldn't accept this and wanted her actual son, the police wound up grabbing her and throwing her into the psychopathic ward of LA County General Hospital. It turned out he had been kidnapped by a serial killer in Wineville, now Mira Loma, from whom he escaped with two others, but may or may not have been recaptured and murdered. Collins searched for him the rest of her life.

The lengths that the LAPD went to to cover up, and the legal struggles she went through - with free representation by a great lawyer in LA - sure look familiar.

The abuse of Stephen and how far his tormentors have been willing to go is certainly much less severe, but the mentality of total indifference to the welfare of the kid and to common decency, the all-consuming obsession with covering up the wrongdoing of abusers, really is just as is portrayed in the movie.

As I was saying today to some women I met at Norma Torres's (61st Assembly) get-together in Montclair, the thing that really worries me is how common this mentality is - this really is a crooked and perverse generation just as it is written - and how clueless I am about it. I just can't see how these people can live with themselves, and neither could the others at the table, and there are so many like that - in the district administration, in the SELPA, in the "enforcement" unit of the California Dept of Education and beyond. As I've learned more about the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Jack O'Connell, in the issues over which he's been dragged into court, the cruelty and indifference to justice toward kids in this man is really amazing.

There's something really wrong with me that such a large proportion of the human race is just beyond my understanding. It doesn't matter how screwed up they may be. It's not OK that I can't even imagine how they're able to think as they do. I'm pretty sure that I'll really need to see myself being the same way before I understand. May the Lord wise me up soon!

In current events, OAH granted me until the 17th to file an amended complaint, while I try to hire a lawyer, and the ladies at Norma's gave me a great recommendation.

Jean Martin of SELPA, representing CVUSD, filed an opposition to my request to change the place of the hearing to the district office from the SELPA. Monday I intend to file an amendment to my motion in order to accommodate her stated objections to the district office location while preserving Stephen's rights and mine.


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