Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stephen medical news

Yesterday the 14th, Stephen got the surgery done on his right foot. Looks good. The surgeon said that the first week it would hurt so bad when he set it on the ground that he would wonder whether it would be better to pee in his bed than to get up to go to the john, but not so. Asked to rate the pain, he says - meh. Seems like God has listened to us all that have prayed for him.

We're looking at 6 weeks for the bone to heal, another 6 for the Achilles tendon to become reliable, and another month or so to shape up the leg after withering in the cast for 3 months. Then the same thing on the left foot. So after about a year, he should be able to walk normally, run, and stand without pain like other folks.

We're supposed to see the surgeon, Morris Baumgarten, on the 19th for the post-op.

In other news, we had his IEP meeting Thursday the 13th, in which the district predetermined that the NPS they've placed him at is where he has to go, threatening to yank his tutoring if he doesn't show up there. They know well that his present tutoring is the only educational endeavor that has worked at all these past three years. And this in the face of the DBH report, which documents how he can't function in their NPS placement. That same report recommends residential placement, which the district is eager to shove him into - but who can imagine doing that now that we're doing Stephen's feet? And with his feet as they are, who with a straight face can ask Stephen to go to the worthless NPS placement? It's a good schlep from the parking lot to anywhere in the school that he would go to see the teacher and get homework. And we're going to persuade him to go through all that for what? The district offered Home & Hospital. Do they think Stephen has forgotten what happened the last time the district offered him Home & Hospital?

The kid I'm working for in the Antelope Valley needs real math remediation, and I found someone that does ed therapy, majoring in math, who comes highly recommended by folks that I trust. She may be perfect for Stephen too. My assignment Monday is to look into that, and then I can respond to the district with further suggestions.

I had a nice conversation the day before the IEP with the incoming spedhead. Things may be better once she takes office July 1 in place of Heather Williams. Williams is moving to Human Resources, where she'll be dealing with union officials instead of ruining the lives of vulnerable kids. Better for the kids of the world, I guess, that she go there rather than leave the district and become a spedhead somewhere else. Too bad for the taxpayers of Chino Valley, no doubt, who would be better off not having to waste their money on such administrative dead weight.

Now I have to prepare my mini-sermon for the board meeting this coming Thursday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooh!!! i wish i could go to church Thursday night to hear brother Attwood give his sermon!

May the Holy Spirit be there and be wiling to teach us all. GOD gives the increase.
Even as I am far from the truth being a comforter to my me. I know the only possible help I can bring is to pray. This rediculous cessation of enviormental freedom by way of governing where and how and who schools him rather than accept the obvious that his father is ready willing able and has been doing well and good educating Stephen. And, just supporting Peter and working with him as he finds good for Stephen.
The only good I can do is pray. This feeling of "the only thing I can do" helps me understand how Anna the prophetess a little more.

LORD I pray to you please give Peter strength, wisdom,and, salvation. He has nothing else to bring but your WORD. thank you for Stephens feet responding well to his surgery. I pray you raise Stephen to walk with you. TO stand up for the fatherless, To stand.

Judy Braun

5/18/2010 10:00 AM  

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