Tuesday, June 01, 2010

It's confirmed - the Messiah has not yet arrived

For those Obamacrats who still haven't heard. It's hard to top this . . .



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not know how much you have studied Islam. My own studies of this religion certianly do not count as extensive.
I have for example never read the Koran in Arabic. To do so I would have to learn still another language.
Learning a lanuage to a conversational level is not easy for me.
In any case I was wondering if you have heard the claim that the Koran in Arabic is so Poetic that it Poetic Verse itself is proof of its devine origin.
I have heard it said that the Arabs, like the Persians, of Mohammad's time valaued poetry very highly. I have also heard it said that the best Arab Poets of Mohammads time admitted that their poetry could not hold a candle to the poetry of the Koran.
Well I do have to wonder why Muslims make this claim to non Muslim westerners. After all poetry is a subject art form. Such a claim I think would not carry much weight with most non Muslims in the first place. In the second place they would be likely to say well how do we know that those leading poets of Mohammads time just did not say what they did becasue they felt either implicitly or maybe even explictly threatened? Yet the shere numbers of well educated people who have made this claim and were clearly not under any pressure to do so should be considered.
It should be considered I think for one reason. Not as evidence that the Koran is the word of Allah
But as evidence pointing to the question of whether or not Mohammad himself was the author of the Koran. If Mohammad himself was the author of the Koran that would make him quite a significant liar.
Because of this claim which I can not really judge for myself I am willing to draw a tenative conclusion that Mohammad is not the real author of the Koran. He recieted the words of another sentintent being.
If one reaches this conclusion it makes it much easier to understand why one billion or so people would want to try to live by the rules laid down in this book.

8/21/2010 4:16 PM  

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