Thursday, March 03, 2011

America's man in Lahore today

The Lahore High Court, as expected, found today at a hearing held at the jail that Ray Davis lacks diplomatic immunity because neither the US Embassy nor the foreign ministry had presented any authentic documents showing that he is entitled to it. But Judge Aujla put off charging him with murder, adjourning the case until the this coming Tuesday the 8th, because the defense said the prosecution hadn't yet provided all the docs detailing the charges.

So far no one in the US government is explaining to the taxpayers why using their tax money to hire people like Davis to arrange for terrorist bombings and shootings in Pakistan is good value for our money. It looks like Davis is going to trial. The Americans have been bullying the Pakistani government to blow off their own law and let Davis walk on these murders, never mind the coordination of terrorist attacks that Davis was engaged in, but they don't dare, for fear that the people will put them on a plane like Ben Ali or Mubarak.

Let's say a supposed consular official from Pakistan kills a couple of FBI tails on Olympic Boulevard in LA and the LAPD picks up, and it then turns out that he was actually working for Pakistani intelligence or maybe some mercenary contractor that rents out retired military hard guys, and his job in the States was to arrange for terrorist bombings and assasinations of American citizens. Would we expect the LA Superior Court to nicely dismiss the case and send him back to Pakistan, maybe with a box of chocolates and a long stem rose?

What kind of mentality lets anybody feel like that makes any sense? Doesn't it look like the thinking of the guy Jesus spoke of that wants to remove a speck from his brother's eye while there is a log in his own? Here is where Malachi sits up and advises anybody that claims to be under God, and who doesn't want to laugh out loud at what Americans expect of Pakistan in this matter, "Consider your ways!"


Blogger Bukko Canukko said...

Sometime in the future, the U.S. will trade a couple of people the Pakistanis are interested in, maybe fugitive political figures who have fled to the U.S. with lots of cash after some governmental falling-out, or people the Pak. govt. wants on terrorism charges, or maybe captured Pakistani spies, in exchange for Davis. It's how the game is played. Corrupt, immoral, yes. That's the way power works.

As for what you allude to in this post, and what you refer to more strongly in the previous post, about the U.S. encouraging terror attacks in Pakistan by our ostensible enemies, I've often wondered how many false flag operations the U.S. has done in other countries. Like the 2006 bombing of the Golden Mosque in Samarra, Iraq that poured petrol on the civil war there. If you want to prevent your enemies from attacking you, stir up trouble so they attack each other. Same as the ruling class in the U.S. does keep the proles from realizing who their real oppressors are.

If the full truth ever becomes known -- and this is one of the few reasons thatI'd wish that there was an Afterlife, just so we could know everything -- I bet it would be staggering, the number of murders that governments have perpetrated on their own people, just for the short-term benefits of blaming someone else. And it's not just the U.S. that does this. Look at the apartment bombings in Moscow that gave Putin an excuse to intensify the war in Chechenya, for example.

If we knew the truth about the ways of the powerful, we would spend all our days vomiting.

3/07/2011 3:53 AM  

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