Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

I've conversed a bit with some folks in the past couple of days, and with others I haven't bothered.  I'm impressed with the real insanity.

There's all kinds of sentimental claptrap about our heroes that have given their lives for our freedom.

Well, I think it's a pretty bad thing for people to get killed for nothing, so in my view, if you actually care about the lives of American soldiers, wouldn't you really care about not having them sent off to die doing useless or even evil things?  But the ones most full of how they love the troops and honor their sacrifices are the most resistant to thinking straight about anything.

Isaiah 14 identifies Satan as the one who weakens the nations, but how does he do that?

By lying.  All lying, including ostensibly patriotic lying, weakens the nation. 

To say that American invaders, occupiers, bombers, and drone assassins are fighting for our freedom or anyone else's is lying.  We clearly understand that Chinese troops doing the same things here would not be fighting for our freedom or for the freedom of their countrymen back home in China.

To say that propping up a corrupt puppet government in Afghanistan keeps Americans free or secure is lying.  The whole thing is so absurd that it would be hard to make it up.  They pay the Taliban and others not to blow up American supply convoys - which is to say that the American taxpayers are paying the Afghan resistance to fight the American occupation army.

To say that TSA checkpoints and other such security protect us from terrorism is lying.  Any terrorist realizes that trying to get past airport security would be much less effective than just blowing up the crowd waiting at the checkpoint.  Nobody is blowing up these wholly unprotected people because nobody wants to.  Indeed, why would terrorists want to blow up airplanes today?  There are all sorts of unprotected targets in the United States of far greater value to a terrorist.  Airport security is like that toll booth in Blazing Saddles.  The movie was kidding.  It was a comedy!  Who knew that America would do the same, in all seriousness?

To say that killing Osama bin Laden was of any use is lying.  If they were concerned about terrorism, they would have hauled bin Laden away and squeezed out of him whatever they could.  Instead, they made sure to kill him immediately, obviously to make sure he DIDN'T talk.  Putting a bullet in bin Laden to make sure he couldn't talk makes no sense if terrorism is your concern.,  It makes a lot of sense if bin Laden's information would have been bad for our rulers.  In fact, it has turned out that bin Laden was in Abottabad because al-Qa'eda's leadership had fouind him to be a nuisance and wanted him out of the way.  Killing him simplified things for his colleagues and shut his mouth for good, and it stirred up trouble for the Americans with Pakistan - and whose interest was served by all of that, exactly?

To say that our enemies are abroad and not at home is lying.  The Constitution has no foreign enemies.  All its enemies are domestic.  Trashing the Bill of Rights, spying on us, groping us at airports, and authorizing the President to grab anyone he wants and lock him up forever without proving anything - Afghan fighters freeing their own country from invaders are doing none of that.  It's the American people and their rulers, and those who purchase them.  The bankers and other financial system crooks have trashed the American economy, causing people to lose their jobs and homes - not people around the world resisting conquest by American troops.

So this Memorial Day, Americans would be wise to remember the obvious things, and repent.  But Memorial Day today is all about forgetting - forgetting reality, forgetting the millions murdered by the imperial war machine, forgetting the American soldiers and their families that have been played for suckers - slopping a lot of sentimental blather on them in order to forget that the war machine that supposedly protects us punishes female soldiers for reporting when they're raped, and drugs up the troops and throws them back in the meat grinder.  And then they dump them in the streets, homeless and jobless.

These truths bear remembering this Memorial Day.  Instead, it's all about lying, and as Isaiah said, lying weakens the nations.


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