Sunday, March 16, 2014

St. Patrick's Day - things to remember

"Skibbereen" - Sinead O'Connor
"Skibbereen" - Irish Brigade
Driven out by the Great Hunger.

"The Foggy Dew"
Song about the the 1916 Easter Rising

"Going Home At Last" - Irish Brigade
"Pardon me for smiling as you're waving me goodbye" - Northern Ireland: Iraq and Afghanistan too!

"Joe McDonnell"
The Long Kesh hunger strike

"Come Out You Black and Tans" - Celtic Football Club
References to Charles Stewart Parnell, Iraqi struggle for independence against the  British 1920-1921, Zulu war in 1879 - worth looking up.

Famine to Freedom
The Irish flight from the Great Hunger


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The History Lesson

A Dutchman called Prince William,
and an Englishman - King James,
fell out and started feuding,
and called each other names.

'Twas for the throne of England,
but for reasons not quite clear,
they came across to Ireland,
to do their fighting here.

They had Sarsfield, they had Schomberg,
they had horse and foot and guns,
and they landed up at Carrick,
with a thousand Lambeg drums

They had lots of Dutch and Frenchmen,
and battalions and platoons,
of Russians and of Prussians,
and Bulgarian dragoons.

And they politely asked the Irish
if they'd kindly like to join.
and the whole affair was settled,
at the Battle of the Boyne.

Then William went to London,
and James went off to France,
and the whole Kibosh left Ireland,
without a backward glance.

And the poor abandoned Irish,
said "goodbye" to King and Prince,
and went on with the Fighting,
and we've been at it ever since.

J Maurice Mullan

4/10/2014 2:26 PM  

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