Thursday, May 17, 2007

More news on Stephen

Stephen was invited to visit his half brother and family in a couple of weeks for about a month, so he will soon be on his way.

Also his story should soon be getting some publicity, and legal action may soon begin against Canyon Ridge Hospital and two psychiatrists there. He has talked some more about his experience during his imprisonment at Canyon Ridge. It's pretty shocking, and yet entirely believable and clearly routine. Those not strongly supported by their parents, as he was, have it a lot worse even than he did. We may well be pursuing this on behalf of those so treated at Canyon Ridge as a class.

It's good for any victim's mental health if he can act on his own behalf instead of being simply the object of other people's actions. People's personalities disintegrate, and they become subject to the domination of others, if they can be shown that they have no autonomy, no boundaries that anyone is bound to observe. That, of course, is why Canyon Ridge and the attending psychiatrist - and later on Curtis Rouanzoin - sought to impress upon Stephen and me their power and his helplessness in order to subdue us to their will.

Whenever we set out to establish that people are helpless in our hands in this way, we are trying to prove to them that we are their God. We're being antichrists. It is the way of every torturer, and ultimately always his point - as Pilate put it, "Do you not know that I have the power to release you, and the power to crucify you?" Whatever good we think we're accomplishing for people when we act that way, we are always abusing and destroying them. Always.

I'm still awaiting further word from the school district. Their "Claims Liability Administrator" sent me a note a month ago saying I would be hearing from them soon. It does not seem that they want to be contentious, but it is not yet clear whether they are stalling. Certainly we need to get everything resolved by September.

Stephen is really doing better. He even brings up math questions at times these days, with good thinking.


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