Sunday, June 01, 2008

Thanks be to God?

The fewest American soldiers were killed in Iraq in May in a long time. The "Christian" American nationalists, like the good German "Christians" 65 years ago, will be giving thanks to their God for this answer to prayers for the safety and success of their heroes.

However, the god responsible for this success is the hundreds of Hellfire missiles fired into Sadr City, packed full of civilians, so that the Mahdi Army has faded away so as not jeopardize their people, as guerrilla armies do. I've seen in Lebanon how people are packed together in such neighborhoods, as described in Psalm 122. These are the places into which our heroes, standing afar off in their AH-64 helicopters, launch Hellfire.

I think that as they do this they are not thinking of their own far more sparsely populated neighborhoods, which they would not want treated that way, or of Rabbi Hillel teaching, "What you hate do not to others," or as Jesus restated Hillel, "Do unto others as you would have them do to you." Certainly the "Christians" who crave God's protection on these heroes are keeping these points well out of mind, calling Jesus Lord, but certainly blowing off this fundamental teaching of his.

German Christians praying for "their" soldiers on the Eastern Front, fighting Communism, ascribed to our God the dazzling success of Nazi arms. The gods responsible were otherwise, but were in fact the gods that these Christians truly worshiped. One of the awful things about praying according to our own lusts and our friendship with this world is that we may indeed receive from the gods of this world - violence, lying, Mammon, and such like - the answers to our prayers, so that our fellowship is with demons while we think we have the favor of God. As Jesus said, "The days are coming when those who kill you think they are doing service to God." American Christians rejoicing in the "answers" to their prayers are already far on the road to deception, thinking their heroes are doing service to God through their acts of oppression and slaughter. Truly, what's even worse than not getting what we ask for (James 4:1-2) is if God lets us get these things from the demonic powers that we love.

In this matter, the US military is far more orthodox in theology than their "Christian" supporters. Hellfire is rightly named. It was developed as a tank killer, and it's very good at it because it's full of depleted uranium. Therefore, the babies slaughtered in the initial explosions are only the beginning. The depleted uranium oxide dust is breathed in by other babies, some of whom will die of ghastly cancers in years to come. Others will give birth in 20 years to other babies with missing limbs, perhaps, or missing eyes, or their guts developing outside of their bodies - a lasting monument to the wrath of the frustrated imperial will.

Thanks be to the god of Hellfire!


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