Thursday, August 27, 2009

More news, and lessons

Yesterday was the 25th. Gayle and I have been married 2 years, and we both forgot about it. It's great to agree on such issues. However, we did celebrate with a rousing good fight, in which I learned how I shuck and jive in my pleading just like the jive school district lawyer that I've been facing in due process. It's good to learn experimentally that we are not better than other people. It promotes sanity. So now there is hope of becoming a more decent human being.

Stephen and I spent about 3 hours with the district sped people today doing more evaluations. We're supposed to see their school nurse at Chino Hills HS, and he's not going for it without the tape recorder accompanying us.

My lawyer, Drew Massey, called Jack Clarke today, the district lawyer, to propose a continuance so he can get acquainted with the case. Clarke agreed to stipulate if the district agrees when he talks to them because, he said, he figures if he fights it the judge will give it to us anyway.

The judge has still not ruled on the subpoena, DBH is still investigating, and the Family Policy Compliance Office has assigned an investigator and is pushing along with that.

The board appointed Charles Dickie, unknown to us, but known to them. Dickie showed in his interview and since that he is wholly given to the mindset that the district must be protected in any interaction with parents, and circle the wagons to protect abuse. It looks like he may well be the very worst of the 15 that they could have picked. With him, the present ways of intransigence and injustice - a very bad combination - can be expected to continue and be very expensive.

So we have begun our petition drive for a special election and have collected some signatures already - how many is not certain, since we've given petition forms to quite a few people. We must have no less than 1200 turned over to the County Superintendent, and we really need more for padding, by no later than September 17th, so we have 3 weeks. Bill Zeman will be talking to the reporter tomorrow and answering her questions. I hope to get in some house to house work tomorrow.


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