Friday, July 10, 2009

More school news

The new Interim Supt wanted to see Stephen and me again, and we had a nice talk. He ended up saying he was going to do some more investigating. He took it in when I pointed out that fighting us in Due Process, when we're asking only for the district to see Stephen through a GED, for therapy after our insurance, and for community college, is like a dog chasing a car. If he catches the car, what does he do with it? Can he eat it? If the district prevails and wins the privilege of educating Stephen, who cannot and will not take anything from them, what do they do with this valuable treasure?

The board had a special meeting to hold a budget discussion that included the community today, immediately followed by another in which they decided to appoint a replacement for Bill Klein, instead of calling for an election. They have 60 days from Bill's resignation on the 1st- until Aug 28th - to appoint. When I learned that an election was going to cost $460K, that looked better to me too, if they do it right. And what they came up with I agree with entirely for a change. Nominations and applications for three weeks, until July 31st, with the process published in the papers and the district website; then public interviews and community input in a special meeting on the 13th; and then they make the pick in the regular board meeting on the 20th, a week ahead of the deadline.

A number of people have suggested me, and I believe I'll put in for it. I can think of several candidates I might like better than myself, but I wouldn't be so bad, and being publicly interviewed for the job would be enlightening and fun for all, although I can only imagine one of the four voting for me.

I went out to eat afterward with one of the board members and a former member who's going to consult with his family about applying, along with a couple of others, and we had a nice talk about a lot of things, in which we all profited, I think.


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