Monday, May 04, 2009

Latest school news

Best Best Krieger finally threw another Notice of Insufficiency at me late this afternoon. However - and this is remarkable for an experienced law firm - they didn't do it in time, so they lied about when they got my amended request. So I asked OAH to throw it out for not being timely. We'll see what they do about that, but in a way it doesn't matter much either way. If we do have to appeal to the district court, it all gets reviewed de novo, and if OAH rules indefensibly an appeal should have better chances - if we have to go that far.

I also had some slap and tickle with the Superintendent today about the contract CVUSD has to provide services to my son, and I should see that soon. And then it's time tomorrow for another compliance complaint about the other report that the Superintendent is refusing to release. Also, we have a date Friday for the first of the new round of district evaluations that we agreed upon at the April 29th IEP meeting. And finally, we have finally found someone Stephen can trust for psychological therapy, who knows on her own hide what school districts do to kids like mine. I have to call to hook up the insurance tomorrow.

A sad thing is that one of the board members, Bill Klein, fell off a patio and smashed his face last week. He has certainly been no friend to my son, but it was painful even to read of it. He bashed his face against a pole when he fell and broke his eye socket from his teeth to his eye, and his scalp was yanked from the top of his nose to his hairline. 200 stitches in Mexico and some more work in Fullerton when he got home. He's out at least until July. God knows how to bring good out of bad things, so it's good to pray that it might be so in this case.

Following the email exchange with Heatley about the contract he doesn't want to cough up, a board member called and we had a good conversation. I'm going up to Sacramento on the bus Wednesday with lawyers, parents, and advocates to lobby the legislature. The Chino teachers are having a rally before the Thursday board meeting to which they are inviting people, and various other developments are in the works, which I hope to report on next week.

Finally, the Superintendent yanked his application for the job in Washoe County, Nevada, saying he'd rather take the job in Clayton County, Georgia that he's been offered - but now it turns out that's not yet a sure thing. Maybe someone among the thousands he has hurt here gave them a heads-up in Nevada, and maybe someone will give them a heads-up in Georgia. We certainly won't miss his departure here - cast out the scoffer and contention stops, as it is written. But do those people in Georgia really need this cruel and vindictive man among them with all the other troubles they have already?

He has brought all kinds of trouble here to us because the board is weak. Just now, the board in Clayton County appears to be no stronger. Woe to them if on top of all their other troubles they have to contend with this bully!

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