Saturday, April 25, 2009

"You'd make a good secretary"

Hilda Solis, the US Secretary of Labor, was at La Puente HS today, and I was asked to go to mention CVUSD's closing three schools that all happen to be low-income Spanish-speaking. I passed the time of day with her staff at their table in the high school gym and left them with a few words concerning that matter and, of course,, so they can read about what CVUSD has been doing to Stephen these past two years. The Secretary of Labor has nothing directly to do with a situation like this, but she does get to sit in the same room as Arne Duncan once in a while, and she seems to still have some concern for those that get ripped off, so who knows?

She and another speaker told how a Puente HS guidance counselor told her when she was in school that she wasn't college material but that she would make a good secretary. It turned out she was college material, so he was wrong about that, but she did end up becoming a secretary - Secretary of Labor!


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