Sunday, April 19, 2009

School news

I filed my amended due process complaint Friday afternoon. You can check it out on I also had a nice talk at the Superintendents' Council meeting in the morning at West End SELPA with the San Bernardino County Supt, Gary Thomas, and I met some other folks it was good to get acquainted with.

The news in the Chino Champion Friday is that Heatley has applied to be Superintendent in Washoe County, Nevada (Reno/Sparks), one of five or six finalists. I wonder why this announcement. I sure won't say anything to Washoe, but who can be sure Washoe won't sniff around here a little and decide one of the other 5 might be better? The announcement makes him a lame duck, but what if having dressed up he has nowhere to go? Could he have been dumb enough to make this kind of announcement willingly? I hardly think so, because in bureaucratic cunning Heatley is a master. And if not, does it mean the board is throwing him overboard?

There's certainly not enough to go on, except that we have to perpare for the likelihood that Heatley will go nowhere unless pushed, unless we can recall some board members.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Peter! My friends the Schaals said they caught you on local access TV at that Chino meeting making a statement against the new lavish new sports stadium! Way to go!


4/19/2009 9:07 PM  

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