Saturday, June 20, 2009

Busy month

There's certainly been no time to blog! I had to gird up my loins for the due process hearing, which was set for June 15th, with the prehearing conference on the 5th. The Administrative Law Judge, Richard Breen, did a great job with us getting the issues defined for the hearing, and then I had to get my evidence binder together, and my witness list. I had to subpoena witnesses and docs. I had to get organized. I worked 40 hours straight, two all-nighters in a row, without even getting especially tired.

I've had God make things easy for me before, but it was kind of a new thing to have it be really hard and just to get the power to push through anyway. I also had to take a hard look at how I've anesthetized my anguish by being angry or by being a smart ass. That's a drug habit I need to be through with after having indulged it these past 55 years or so.

And then right before going to hearing on the 16th after a one day continuance because their attorney's courier messed up the exchange of binders, we got a stipulated continuance until August 25th, my second wedding anniversary.

We're now fighting over their motion to quash my subpoena for the missing records.

In other news, Wayne Joseph was appointed interim Superintendent in place of Ed Heatley, whose official last day is June 30th, although he's long gone. I haven't heard much about Wayne Joseph, but what I've heard is all good, and we had a nice conversation Thursday at the board meeting. We want to talk as soon as he takes office in July. He's been around a long, long time, and has been in charge of alternative education.

The measure to approve 3 year contracts for Heatley's holdovers failed 2-2 last night to loud cheers and whoops of delight, which offended Sylvia Orozco, the board president. I spoke against it, pointing out that sticking a prospective superintendent upfornt with his predecessor's staff for three years was not exactly the way to make good candidates want the job.


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